CARBOHYDRATE Restriction and GOUT. Stop eating 60% CARBS that you are told to eat. You can never control A1C and Sugar Levels

CARBOHYDRATES CAN KILL. STOP eating 60% CARBS that you are forced to eat. Cut it down to 20% max. You have to take care of your Diabetes yourself as others are just interested in Interests of Pharma Industry.

Lowering CARBS helps in GOUT also.

Lowering CARBS helps in Cancer also.


Most important of all to a Diabetic --

Lowering CARBS helps in Reducing PILLS/INSULIN and still achieve a FAR better A1C and Blood sugar levels. No FAT does not cause CVD if you are restricting CARBS to less than 100gms/day.

Try it. Results are UNDISPUTED.



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3 Replies

  • Dear Sir

    Please don't write in abbreviations.

    Please write in simple language.

    What is CARB, and other words (GOUT, A1C, CVD) mentioned by you?

  • Search is your best friend.

  • You are saying that you are not my friend, you are my enemy?

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