LOW CARB HIGH FAT -- LCHF-- Diet May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease (and Why Some Are Calling It ‘Type 3 Diabetes’)

Whilst it is accepted that the foods you eat play a significant role in certain diseases - such as type 2 diabetes – it is not typically seen as a relevant in some others. However, there is increasing evidence that diet may play an important role in Alzheimer’s Disease – the fatal and progressive brain condition that is already the sixth leading cause of death in the US. What’s more, the problem seems to be with carbs – especially sugars and grains – and a low carb, high fat, low protein diet may well be one of the best things that can be done to limit risk.


Wait a minute. Does LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET cause LIPIDS Problem? No way. It improves it. Try restricting to less than 100gms CARBS/day and see it for yourself how everything for you as a diabetic improves. many right here on this forum have done and shared their success.




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3 Replies

  • It is amazing to note the advatages of LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET apart from its role in Alzheimer's disease prevalent among elderly persons.Kandasamy.P

  • LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET has enabled many TYPE 2 diabetics to completely eliminate medicines and also achieve better A1C value (below 5.5) which has lead to better overall health parameters.

    Alzheimer's is a diabetes of Brain. People benifit by taking Cold pressed COCONUT Oil by tablespoons (2-3/day). Here's one article as recent as 2013 .. since Coconut Oil cannot be patented there will be all attempts to scare people away from same by saying FAT causes CVD (UNTRUE)




  • It is really fantastic and it will be more beneficial if we get some more evidences on the

    effect of COCONUT OIL therapy for the most complicated disease in old age

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