Why Lowering Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease (And What You Should Do Instead)

If you think lowering Cholesterol reduces CVD you are living like "Alice In Wonderland"

STATINS given to person with no previous history of CVD have questionable benefits. It is shown STATINS have no benefit at all in majority of such cases. STATINS do cause muscle damage and elevated sugars. STATINS do cause Brain Fogging.

So what should you do? Read on because this article also says -- CUT DOWN GRAINS AND STARCHES (which ADA trained professionals and WIKIPEDIA tells you to eat more). referring to WIKIPEDIA for such matters is like reading a local daily newspaper for "MASALA News" ... WIKI isn't even allowed as reliable source of citation in any research in American universities.


LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet does it all.

(1) It lowers Sugar levels and reduces load on pancreas.

(2) It doesn't trigger INSULIN response alike CARBOHYDRATES and PROTEINS so preserves your pancreas beta cells

(3) It lowers A1C values so leads to better health parameter.

(4) NO IT DOESN'T CAUSE Elevated CHOLESTEROL that we have been BRAINWASHED and FOOLED to believe.

(5) Diabetes medicines come down.

(6) Leads to lots of losses to MEDICARE Industry as lower and lower sales of PILLS and INSULIN.

If it ws not true then Dr Richard Bernstein should be dead by now but to dislike of those who talk nonsense against LCHF he is still going great at 80+ and maintain s A1C < 5.0 despite being a diabetics since age of 12.



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  • And why they scare you into TAKING STATINS read more here:


    It's all about "PROFITS" of Medic are business where Pharma Industries sit at top of entire Chain. So correct your LIPIDS not by taking statins but by cutting off grains and starches from your diet and if someone says FAT causes elevated LIPIDS, tell them you live on LCHF where FAT improves LIPIDS.

  • Self hypnosis, meditation to alpha beta theeta gama level etc. could be tried instead of all the medcines. Every day night before sleep suggest the sub conscious mind "I am not diabetic. I am healthy. I am not worried" Subconscious mind is million time power full than the normal conscious mind. Please read all about holistic method. Read the book "THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONCIOUS MIND" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. D.R.S. Ph.D, D.D. LLB.Fellow of the Andhra Research University of India.

    Also any body can check Pranic healing method. without any kind of side effects and controversies. Side by side try any Ayurveda medicine Guduchi produced from the Vine Tinospora Cordifolia is widely used. Look for the results vedio published in youtube under the caption "Wonderful cure for Diabetics", originally published first time in "Surya TV" Leading a tension free life is just impossible but any body can try.


  • Where is this Andhra Research University of India.Never heard of it.And what kind of research they do?

  • I will believe my doctor's advise to use statins than by rusticguy.

  • We don't believe in Doctors who prescribe STATINS like Peanuts because diet can correct LIPIDS far better. We prefer to use our brains more rather than be dependent on PILLS for LIFE. It's all about personal choice.

    You already know we hate PILLS so you don't have to pick up comments like few others did with Anup. There are doctors who prescribe STATINS at TC of 160. Good for them.



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