Diabetes traced since NOV-2007

Dear sir

I am a managerial lvl. contraction professional. Diabetes in me traced since NOV-2007. Started taking tablet till Aug-2012 & now taking insulin 30/70, 100IU daily 34 unit in morning & 28 unit in evening. One month before my HbA1C was 7.4 when my insulin dose was 30 unit in morning & 26 unit in evening. Some body is telling to take some Vitamin D tablet weekly after testing.

My question is:- Is there any test to know either Vitamin D is required for me or not ?

Is there any chance for increasing B.Sugar level when Vitamin D level is low ?

Special Advise for maintaining balance in B.Suagar level & medicine dose.

Please advise me.


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  • Vitamin D is related to bone density and calcium metabolism.If you are exposed to sunlight you will make enough Vitamin D.Please visit wikipedia.org and search for Vitamin D.There is nice article.

  • VIT D is tested by Thyrocare as part of Metabolic profile tests.

    Key to managing diabetes is aiming for A1C < 5.5 What ADA calls good control (6.0 - 7.0) is the main reason for diabetic complications is not GOOD but BAD Control. ADA has to say 6.0 - 7.0 is good control because that's the only way to force a diabetic to eat CARBS to same extent as NON DIABETIC.

    Moment one switches to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET one loses weight automatically.

    Moment you cut CARBS to less than 100gms/day your medicines reduce.

    Moment you cut CARBS to less than 100gms/day your BGL levels come down.

    Many have now adopted this lifestyle right here on this forum and have experienced the benefits. Search on forum.



    If anyone says that Low CARB HIGH FAT DIET CAUSES Cholesterol issues just IGNORE them because they really don't know what LCHF is in reality. LCHF improves LIPID Profile also. When Carbs are restricted to < 100gms/day Saturated FAT is best DRUG to increase HDL. One has to live LCHF lifestyle to be able to TALK about LCHF and see what health benefits it brings. Yes it does cause a HUGE LOSS to MEDICARE world.



  • Try reducing your carbhydrates intake. It may help in reducing BS

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