Another Advantage Of LCHF Diet (aka LOW CARB HIGH FAT) -- Autophagy and Longevity

We are firm believer of LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet. The reason being that it helps control blood sugars more effectively at much lower levels with much lower (or nill) medicines. Few bloggers felt that KETOSIS induced by going Low CARB (normally that happens below 50gms carbs/day) is a bad (or shuld we say "dangerous") sign. Well we repeatedly quote our role model Dr Richard Bernstein who lives of 6/12/12 (ie 30gms/) CARBS rule. KETOGENIC Diet is better from still another angle and that's what we know as "AUTOPHAGY"

When we eat a low-carbohydrate diet (below 50 grams of carbohydrates), our liver starts producing ketones. Ketones are a source of fuel for our bodies and brains when carbohydrates are not around. They are an evolutionary product, if you will, that provide our cells with readily usable energy sources. They also appear to have properties that protect our brain from damage and aging. In fact, there are even trials showing that they improve cognitive performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease

Autophagy also requires protein restriction a viewpoint that we always say should be adopted by Diabetics for good health. Restriction doesn't mean elimination. Autophagy is linked with LONGEVITY and protein restrictions help in Autophagy.

To know more about this beats called Autophagy read here

Gives you one more reason to go LOW CARB HIGH FAT.

For diabetics who are controlling purely by Lifestyle if they can afford go for one day a week on fasting. That also induces Autophagy and hence good health. We know the old school of thought may not like our viewpoint on LOW CARBS and also restricted PROTEINS but then democratic world order should not believe in GAGGING opinions by force.

We let everyone speak so please post your views on this new chapter that we are opening up from today --- CALLED AUTOPHAGY and will keep following Up. We are doing what doctors and dieticians should have been telling you only difference is we are not charging any "FEES" or asking anyone to call us!


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Through a different Pathway, CURCUMIN (compound that give the color to turmeric) also helps in Autophagy. Don't we recommend 100ml full fat milk boiled with turmeric also in breakfast as a part of LCHF? That was not without REASON. :)

When we say "WE" it means we are a group of individuals posting and blogging here and trying to spread awareness on Low Carb High Fat Diet as practitioners and not theoreticians.



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