There is a wonderful cure for Diabetes

There is a wonderful cure for Diabetes

The stem of the vine soacked in water for 12 hrs is fantastic medicine. The plant is a Vine, climber on trees. Botanical name is Tinospora cordifolia. Few months back there was a case of amputation narrowly avoided by a gentleman from Kannur, Kerala. It was there in Surya TV. Clipping is available in Captioned and published by me "Wonderful cure for diabetics, 600+ reduced to 60 in just 1 week"

Please search for the caption you can see. Unfortunatley it is available in Malayalam only. But you can see what is the medicine like. Myself is using it for last ten days now. I had 280+ after meal. Now 246 checked after one week consumption. I will help those who aconfident .


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  • This is GUDDUCHI a good herb for maintaining perfect health of body's immune system.

    Even TULSI is great for immunity system. Since these things cannot be patented there's no interest in this.

    That said, CUT your carbohydrate intake to 100gms /day and your 246 will fall to 120 in 2 days and then remain at that level as long as you maintain no more than 100gms carbohydrates/day. Try it. This is the best MEDICINE and this is something that you don't have to call someone on phone or pay anything extra.


  • How can I get this plant? I really want to try.



  • u can get it from HIMALAYA DRUGS COMPANY,as named GUDUCHI capsules or GILOYA in hindi,or take its stems little part and sow it in the fertile can immediately start to grow and no burden of nursing,because it grows so rapidly that u will have to check its growth.

  • Hello sir can you please tel me how long giloy take to diabetise pasiant.

  • It is grown everywhere in India. Even if plant a small stem of it, it grows like anything.

  • Hi Rusticguy

    Thanks for the comments.

  • This plant is reported to have a number of beneficial effects on health.But nothing is mentioned that it works for diabetics.Please clarify.

  • does this cure diabetes permanently..... please reply me...

    phn- 0812544379.........please just give missed call i'll call u...

  • it is co-prescribed along with anti-infectives in URTI,LRTI,UTI,SKIN and soft tissue infections,for the management of infected wounds of diabetics,in pre and post operative conditions,in occult infections,PID,latent TB,persistent urinary problems and endocarditis and in immunocompromised patients.This should be taken with a capsule of MESHASHRANGI(Gymnema Sylvestre) or in hindi it is called GURMAR.As its name says,it reduces craving for sugar and help regenerate BETA CELLS OF PANCREAS which are responsible for regulation of INSULIN,a hormone that regulates the glucose circulation in blood,and thus helps in glycemic control.As u asked how guduchi does help in diabetes control,so because diabetes is directly related to our immune system and if there is any immunological defficiency in our system,this disease becomes prone to occur.This plant is called as immunomodulator and thus it helps control glycemia.Both GUDUCHI and MESHASHRANGI with one capsulle of KARELA(BITTER GUARD),these three have better effect on glycemic control.And as diabetics have an another problem of metabolic disorders in advance,this bitter guard corrects most of these disorders smoothly.

  • what should i eat plant or stem and how should it eat it......any rules

  • This is called "AMRIT balli" balli means vine. One or two leaves raw eaten on empty stomach is good and absorbs well. Name itself suggests great thing.

  • it says in water for 12 hrs......

  • Plant is mentioned for cure of various fevers .

  • GUDUCHI(giloya in hindi) in called AMRITA in SANSKRIT and is used for any types of fevers wheather it is chronic or new since long ago.There are so many products in the market manufactured by reputed companies e.i BAIDYANATH,that manufacture a product named AMRITARISHTHA,WHICH is a well known medicine of chronic fevers of unknown origin and for typhoid fevers itself.And it is because here also our immunity is compromised.

  • What is this plant and where can we find it?

  • Can you give the name of the plant in Malayalam please.

  • kindly give the name of the plant in Tamil.

  • The uses of Giloy are many many. I have planted two creepers in my flat. I use neem fertiliser and also add used tea/coffee powder manure. This makes the plant more potent. I eat 3-4 leaves on an empty stomach to control fasting sugar and also chew 4-5 leaves with areca nut (supari) after food to control random sugar. I am following this routine for long and have avoided increasing dosage of diabetes medicines. Apart from these I practice"Oil pulling" for overall health. This helps remove day to day toxins from the body.I have heard of Kannur Sudhakaran. I wish he gives a demo of his procedure of taking Giloy for diabetes. I have heard of one more 4hrs. medical procedure of administering giloy stem juice on empty stomach with tender coconut water once in 6 months to cleanse the system and balance insulin in the body. One great Ayurvedic Doctor by name Sri. Narayana Murthy from Narsipur, Shimogga, Karnataka, India has been curing innumerable diabetic people from all over the world with Giloy. I have never tried this on my own because I have no complete knowledge about this procedure or may be it needs medical supervision. I've heard that this procedure has brought down the BS level of people from 560 etc. to normal in a single day and has avoided many amputations. If only someone can throw light on such easy and safe medications, millions of people around the world will be thankful.

  • How can I get that plant Sir???? my native is Visakhapatnam

  • thanks dear

  • thanks dear

  • How to take, I got it in powder form, mixing with water a spoon, 3 times ,how pl tell me sir

  • 600 to 60. Time duration 1 week

    40 points in 10 days any thing to be modified

  • You are right... The plant could be found in any garden..or park..where you can find natural habitat..

  • I've watched the clipping of Surya TV. It seems the contact information of Mr. Sudhakaran is not given. Niether was a hint where the Vine is available. Can anyone help?

  • I think.. You are right..  I use leaves juice

  • U can use curry leaves .. Holy basil leaves... Umbar leaves... Mango leaves... Daily..  

  • I want to knw that if diabetes pasint take insulin daily 40 than how long they take giloy powder daily and how long.please tel me.

    Thank you


  • Only cutting down carbs will help to cut down insulin doses.

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