A Book from a Doctor (Diabetic himself since age of 12 and still alive @ 80+) that every diabetic must own ... and READ!

Dr Bernstein went to medical school at the age of 45 because he found that despite following recommendations of doctors his sugar levels were never in control. In short he was fed up of diabetic advise (which has not changed much even in 6 decades) from professionals of his time. He is a type 1 diabetic since age of 12 and today he is 80+ Book that i am talking of is:


It will explain how and why CARBS are bad for diabetics. Few members of this forum have already bought this book and are of opinion that if they would have found this book 10 years ago they would have had much better control.

Dr Bernstein talks VERY LOW CARB HIGH FAT. His A1C is always below 5 despite the fact that he injects INSULIN. If you really want to take control of your diabetes and be able to go off medicines or reduce them drastically then above book is for you.

We talk LOW CARB HIGH FAT where we say restrict CARBS to 100gms/day.

Pl Note: We have no association with Flip-kart or Dr Bernstein. We are just group of Diabetics who consider Dr Bernstein as their role model and honestly wished that every doctor treating diabetics should have been like Dr Bernstein.

FAT Does not cause CVD and Type 1 or Type 2 really doesn't matter when it comes to controlling Sugar Level through Diet is concerned. If you can afford, buy the book. Cost of that book will be more than compensated in a few months by lower cost of DRUGS and still better control of sugar. If FAT was bad Dr Bernstein would not have been alive and going strong. He says CARBS are bad. He is father of HOME TESTING and he lives on 30gms CARB/Day. Next time when you visit your diabetologist, talk about Dr Bernstein and watch their reaction.

Let Dr Bernstein and not Paula Deen be your role model as a diabetic.

Happy Reading!!!




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