What if 1 million Diabetic Indians could go off just 250mg BID METFORMIN by going LCHF -- Revenue Loss to setup that pushes 60% carbs?

India is home to 60 million diabetics. By 2030 it is expected to cross 100 million. Now this would explain why an anti-diabetic drug like VICTOZA (that's known to cause thyroid cancer) gets released in India before the good old US of A. There's lot of MONEY for everyone catering to diabetes in India right from the receptionists who takes the call in a doctor's office to the lab technician that draws blood sample for PPBS/FBS. It's a complete Chain that's feeding on forced helpless of a diabetic. I say forced because they are forced to eat 60% CARBS which is the most CRUEL JOKE that anyone can play on a diabetic.

No one has ever talked about reducing CARBOHYDRATES and in fact those who talk are shown the same ol cr@ppy ADA recommendation which is designed more for the Phrama industry in mind ... yes the Phrama industry that funds ADA and all these professional bodies ... so even these bodies have a lot of money at stake.

70% of type 2 diabetics could go off medicines just by cutting down carbs and switching to LOW CARB HIGH FAT lifestyle. FAT doesn't cause CVD at low CARB and it has been repeatedly demonstrated. So why aren't diabetics told to reduce carb by professionals who claim to care for their health and get paid for offering advices.? Just let's do some simple maths

Presumptions (based on what has been practically seen with LCHF):

(1) Let's presume 1 million out of 60 million diabetics can easily get of the simplest drug that's prescribed first -- METFORMIN (or it's cousins). Cost of 250mg MF given twice a day: Rs 30/Month

(2) Each visit to doctor is Rs 200 and a diabetic visits doctor once in 3 months. So avg costs per month : Rs 60 (floored value)/Month

We are leaving out all other costs. So

(1) + (2) = Rs 90/Month for a type 2 diabetic as minimum money that he/she shells out in a month.

If 1 million diabetics go off just above by changing to LCHF lifestyle total revenue loss to entire SETUP is 90 million/month which is a whopping Rs1080 Million/year

Multiple this number by 10 (10 million if just don't need medicines by going LCHF) the revenue loss to entire chain would be Rs 100800 million/Year.

Now tell me who would want to see a cash crop of 100800 million/year vanish from MARKET. This is just based on the smallest dose of METFORMIN. If we look at other drugs given the revenue loss the entire setup will be still higher.

So now you can see why everyone is so vehemently opposed to LCHF and are so desperately pushing 60% CARBS even to diabetics.


Just switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT LIFESTYLE and see how your levels get into better range and you can go off all medicines. No FAT at less than 100gms carbs/day doesn't cause CVD ... and at those levels of carbs intake, saturated fat is best drug for increasing HDL cholesterol.

Pl NOTE: 1 Crore = 10 Million.




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8 Replies

  • If we add other allied costs like once a month blood tests (works out Rs 2/day/diabetic), Cost of conveyance deployed for going to doctor/lab/etc, Cost of emergencies (which will come if you stick to 60% carbs diet) then the total revenue involved would be more than 4 times as computed. Now if such a huge money (which is recurring loss year after yea) gets sucked out a medical arena that explains why there's a desperation to PUMP 60% CARBS to a diabetic.

    Well if diabetics really start waking up and start taking control of their health and that causes HUGE losses to entire MEDICAL Arena then don't be surprised if companies like MONSANTO (GMO FOOD crap) go into overdrive trying to inject something into your grain so that a newer version of "DAMAGING" Corn/Soya can be pushed to you so that you get some other disease.

  • LCHF has proved a miracle for me. It has renewed my life and energy.

  • @Gillkashmirsingh -

    It's always the diabetic on LCHF who has the last and the best laugh.

    Glad that you recovered your health and tamed diabetes on LCHF lifestyle.

  • @Gillkashmirsingh -

    It's always the diabetic on LCHF who has the last and the best laugh.

    Glad that you recovered your health and tamed diabetes on LCHF lifestyle.

  • Agree with you .i could get rid of pio and Glynase .thanks to medfree.

  • Explains rightly why drug based approach with high carb low fat diet is being peddled to everyone and not just diabetics. After all, it's all about safeguarding the interest of the "business"

  • Thanks for this information

  • @Gillkashmirsingh --

    Look at the money drug industry loses because of diabetics like you who go off drugs and yet attain better health on LCHF. And you are not alone, there are many who have done this. Medfree is no longer here.

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