Is walking distance from Earth to Moon in lifetime a solution for sugar control? -- NO. Just get off the CARBS @ LC HF!

There's a limit to how much one can walk. That limit is dependent on so ma ny factors and most important being job pressures, no time etc etc. Just because life was easy in 1980 and people had lot of time to walk doesn't mean every diabetic should be walking same amount even today. No one is gonna get a medal for having walked the distance from earth to moon ....

Want to cut your walking drastically (and preserve your joints) then cut down carbohydrate intake. Switching to low carb high fat lifestyle helps whoever tries it. Those who have a long life ahead of them need not think the same way as those who are at fag end of their life. Being on PILLS is not the solution. Solution is GET OFF CARBOHYDRATES and restrict it to 100gms/day maximum.

There can be nothing more INSANE than Mindless Walking to cover Mindless Eating of CARBOHYDRATES as recommended by ADA. Look at Dr Bernstein as your role model and not Paula Deen. No point in over-straining your joints.

Cut your carbs to 100gms and you will not even need to walk 2km/day and still have better control. Think about it....


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  • I completely agree with you. Getting off carbohydrates is the solution.

    One other query, please. What should be the maximum variation in readings of blood glucose taken on a meter at home within 3/5 minutes of each other ?? Is plus or minus 5%

    adequate ?? Many thanks for any help offered.

  • Well we have following Opinion:

    (1) Don't retest unless you have an abnormally high HIGH (or low) reading.

    (2) Regarding difference that would vary from person to person but 2-5 min is too less a gap. But yes 5% is ok enough.


  • Thanks for the reply. I got a reading of 134 in the morning after fasting, thought it was high for me, then re-tested within 3/5 mins and got a reading of 115. The variation is almost 15%. Do you ever get such variations using your meter ?? Are these considered normal ??

    Thanks in advance.

  • Normally no.

    But if you consider the error that meters can +/-15% then this can happen.

  • Thanks, rusticguy. A variation of 15% seems a bit much for me, frankly.

  • Yes it is so but they take shelter of ISO standards which allow such a lose accuracy:

    ISO 15197:2013 governs glucose meters accuracy.


  • Yeah, I suppose you are right :-) Lax standards everywhere :-) This is India, after all :-)

  • That's why once in a month or two just calibrate meter with lab results. After few instances you get a rough idea of how much you lab would read based on your meter.

  • Actually, here too, I have a problem. I tested with two different labs on the same day within 15 mins of each other....both came to my house to test. One gave me a reading of 151 and the other 118 for fasting blood sugar :-) When I questioned the labs they told me that a fluctuation of 20% was considered normal :-)

    But, I see your point in trying to get me to calibrate the difference between the lab test and my personal home testing.

    Thanks for all the help, rusticguy.

  • :D :D

    So now you see the whole issue.

    This happens. Nothing to worry much about. Just collect data on how your meter behaves wrt lab readings. Once in 6 months check your A1C till your readings have stabilized in non diabetic range. Then keep watch by just checking PPBS once every alternate day and fbs weekly.

    If lab said that then does that mean they also tested with glucose meter? If chemistry titration allowed 20% fluctuations then whole chemistry would fail. I guess one of the LABS is cheating you. LAB to LAB it just can;t be so much of variation.

  • Yes, I feel that the lab with the higher reading (a very prominent lab in Bombay) is the one at fault. Because, not only were they adamant that they were right but also advised me to go on drugs immediately :-)

    The lab which gave the lower reading told me not to worry, diet & exercise, no need for drugs. Thanks again, rusticguy.

  • Yes as Anup used to say -- It's a "NEXUS"

    He is so right.

  • If walking or active lifestyle really helped, then diabetes shouldn't be growing every day. It's the high carbs low fat diet that is killing everyone.

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