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Understand it and then reduce GRAINS and CARBS from your diet. Your sugar levels will come down with less medicines. Eat Less CARB and More FAT. CARB should be less than 100gms/day.


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  • Why should one eat more fat? I thought that Fat and sugar are totally prohibited? Yes I can understand of taking 100 gms of Carb. A chappati may be of 25 gms. I take two chappaties during lunch time and two chappaties during dinner time . I am maintaining myself with four chappaties per day. I do not take Rice and avoid fat & sugar. I am of 71 yrs of age.

  • As long as you are within 100gms carb then where do you get your energy from? Body itself needs 1200kcal just to keep running even if you just sit idle and do nothing.

    100 gms carb = 400kca l.

    Even at your age if you are living on 1600kcal/day where do you get balance 1200 from?

    What are you sugar levels?

    What medicines you take?

    LOW CARB HIGH FAT is a lifestyle that diabetics adopt for going of mediciens and still hit 5% club for A1C.


  • Dear Sir,

    Half glass of Anar dane ka warm juice with empty stomach, followed by Green tea, with two marie biscuits, then for breakfast I take Phoha with Kachari ki chatni.


    At 1030 hrs I take a cup of coffee without sugar. At 1200 hrs I take half of glass of Amla ka juice as I grow lots of Amlas on my farm house in my village. I have 110 trees of Amlas and I store it in my frig the whole year.

    For lunch I take two chappaties, dal , curd and kachari ki chatni. I take some fruit after the lunch like papaya or kharbuja or anar or apple or Naspati . I do not take Mango, Chiku, Grapes & Banana.

    At 1700 hrs I take normal tea with sugar with two marie biscuits

    At 2000 hrs I take dinner in which I take two chappaties, dal , some vegetables like lady finger, followed by a sweet dish of fruits like apple & anar ect ect.

    At 2200 hrs, I used to take cup of skimmed milk( double tonned) with two marie biscuits and five almonds.

    I am patient of Heart ailment where in three of four arteries are 100% blocked. I am surviving on just my one artery only with heart EF 40%. I was operated for ByePass 22 years back at Escorts but blockages have reappeared. I am on 18 medicines. I am also diabetic, Thyrod, Retinopathy, a sever Glucoma in my eyes and neuropathy in foot. Recently I had on 15 Dec 2012, a stroke also. I am fully recovered form the strokes.

    My A1C was 9, when I was admitted for my stroke in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and but it has now been brought down to 7.

  • U may try Lauki (Doodhi, Eng: Bottle gourd) juice 1 glass in the morning and 1 glass in the evening (Lauki should not be bitter). Do Kapalbhati Pranayam with mild force - 1/2 an hour in the morning and 1/2 an hour in the evening) and Anulom- Vilom Pranayam 15 minutes both the times. As a precaution don't do pranayams with extra force or efforts. Do them with mild breathing but for a prolong period

    U will be immensely benefited in opening up of the arteries and reduce bad cholesterol besides keeping in check your diabetes.

    In your green tea u can add Maithi whole grain, Pudina leaves, Lemon and Hamdard's Sulemani namak (One pinch) soaked in water overnight, boil the contents in the morning along with green tea. This will help control diabetes.

    Soak Triphala powder in water in an earthen pot in the night. Filter the water content in the morning with super fine paper filter or cloth. Use Eye cup to was your eyes with this water. Rotate eye in the eye cup clock wise and anti clock wise in equal nos. Rinse eyes with fresh water later without force. This will help in curing eye ailments

    Get yourself checked in 15 days. you might find wonderful results. Your medicines might reduce significantly.

    I have personally tried above without any problem. But in case you find some thing not suiting you. Please discontinue and see a doctor.

    All the Best!

  • Last year I tried the juice of Lauki but It gave me pecurial funny taste and I stopped taking lauki juice.

    I do all the paranayam like Kapalbhatti & anulom & Vilom. I have messager and a host of Vibrators which I use all them.

    I have done every possible thing to open blockages of the heart but the blockages never opened and I get very frequent angina. I have to use sorbitrate (nitrate) to get rid of the angina. I use about three sorbitrate a day as I get more than 3 times angina.

    Every 15 days I get blood checked up for INR number, A1C, Thyroid. I do complete tests at Escorts Heart Research Centre New Delhi for Heart(Lipid), Kidney function, Liver function, complete diabetic check once a year. Further I do all the test at Diabetic Centre at Fortis Hospital with renouned Endocrilogist Dr Anup Misra .

    I do all my eye scans with Shroff and Veenu Eye Hospital as I have acute Glucoma & Retinopathy. Every three month I visit Eye Hospital.

    Recently I got a stroke and was admitted in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital where in I was attended promptly & soon recovered.

  • U did not mention your age and weight. Also about your test reports viz are your LFT and RFT normal?

    I cannot advise any thing on diagnostic and treatment options in my present capacity. Yet, I am just sharing my views based on my own experiences and knowledge gathered exploring different systems of medicine (alternate medicines). Hence, my view are only suggestive in nature to be implemented under expert supervision and monitoring.

    I had bad cholesterol ( Responsible for artery blockage in the advanced stage). Normally It takes months to continue lipid lowering agents to see their cholesterol reducing effects and these drugs have side effects too. But with Lauki juice and Kapalbhati (Essentially for long duration- say 30 mins at a stretch), I could correct my lipid profile in 15 - 20 days. I had Sleep apnoea with loud snoring resulting in to dangerous day time sleepiness and increased BP and Sugar.

    With continuous "Ujjai Pranayam" (Imbibed in to the 'Sudarshan Kriya' of Sri Sri Ravishankar) I have got rid of snoring and a lot of other associated problems. I too used to take a lot of medicines, but now I am not on any medicine except sometimes occasionally as and when required.

    Long term use of so many medicines results in many side effects sometime severe in nature. Medicines are a must, but efforts should be made to reduce them over the period of time. Your medicines at times are life saving. They must not be stopped abruptly and should always be kept in easy access. Simultaneously, considering the limitations of one particular system, alternative means should be adopted.

    I have also found 'Thought Healing' or 'Psycho Healing' very useful along with the medicines, wherein, while in 'Meditation or 'Shavasana', one instructs through mind to body to repair damage.

    I have spent a week in Patanjali Yog Gram in Haridwar in a residential shivir. The experience was wonderful with a blend of living near natural surroundings, using naturopathy, accupressure, yog and diet as wonderful tools of re-energizing the body, mind and spirit.

    Looking at the severity of your current situation, I suggest if you decide to spend a few days here are at any other such center, you take along a Family Practitioner with all the essential medicines. This will be a confidence boost for you.

    I am sure if you decide once to give your 100% and create a strong will for recovery, very soon you will be out of this situation.

    Sorry, for writing such a long mail. I hv joined this group yesterday only and this is my first comment. Going through the painful condition u are in, I could not resist to express my opinion.

    Thanks for reading all this and All the Very Best!!

  • I wish you tell you that I even stopped the use of sugar free in any of beverages. I recently stopped taking the skimmed milk .

  • If you can, please eliminate MARIE biscuits and 1 chapati each meal.

    You are on a STANDARD ADA DIET of pushing too many carbs down your body and results are evident. Your diet is carb loaded because your A1C was 9. You can only try damage control steps. 18 drugs is nightmare.

    Sorry to see this. This is where doctors have failed nto take care of diabetics world-over. They just push too much CARBS and then to cover carbs and complications they push too many PILLS. SAD :(


  • We believe doctors are solutions to all our problems. sorry to say this but they are not. Most of them see your sugar level and prescribed drug and there general advice is take medicine eat carb and do some exercise. but i have seen so many diabetes patients who r gone increasing their medicine. My sincere advise is to take care of your health get some education. Understand what carb fats and protein vitamins will do to your health. Be wise and be your own doctor and not wholly depend on doctor who does not have time to even discuss your problem.

  • Most doctors don't have time to educate a diabetic. If they meet a self educated diabetic they start swearing on internet or try to cut short discussions. No doctor feels comfortable talking Dr Bernstein in fact many don't even know him and try to pooh pooh with arrogance.

    A diabetic has to be his/her own doctor.


  • Dear Sir,

    I also felt that I must reduce the intake of marie biscuits. I will do it from today on wards? Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Dear Sir,

    Pl try and reduce carbs as much as you can and substitute with good preparation of vegetables, paneer etc. One chapati of 40-50 grams can be 20-25gms carb whereas a 300gm nice dry vegetable preparation can be same amount of carbohydrates. 300gms will be more filling that 40gms.

    Remove biscuits, crackers etc completely. Try and adjust your life around vegetables.

    Pl Stay away from anything that says "DIABETIC FRIENDLY" because all those TRASH are most UNFRIENDLY since they are loaded with CARBS.


  • Dear Sir,

    Since my heart is functioning on one artery only , the Doctors have prescribed me all types blood thinners and in which I have to maintain INR No between 2 to 3 .Therefore I am prohibited for taking all green & leafy vegetables.All food items which have Vitamin K have been stopped for me.

    I got a stroke on 15 Dec 2012 . The Doctors of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital say that since I did not maintain INR No between 2-3 is the real cause for my getting stroke? I am scared after that and now I am strictly maintaining INR No - between 2- 3. The Doctors have further warned me that if I do not maintain INR NO between 2-3 , formation of a blood clot is more likely. So I am strictly taking all 18 the medicines they have prescribed me. I can not take a chance.

  • Yes i can understand. This is a bad state of affairs.

    Wish you good health.


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