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Why diabetics do not achieve satisfactory glycaemic control?

Why diabetics do not achieve satisfactory glycaemic control?

Diabetes is a disorder which usually progresses overtime & is known to effect whole body from head to toes.

Poor glycaemic control & chronic hyperglycaemia may lead to many complication such as Retinopathy,Neuropathy,Nephropathy,Cardiac ailments etc..Inspite of availability of effective treatment for diabetics many patients do not achieve optimal glycaemic control some of the common reasons are -

Patients do not realize the serious & chronic nature of the disease &complexicity of its management takes it very casually.

Unable to take multiple daily self care decisions that diabetics require.

Patients are unwilling to follow advice & dietplan suggested by the physician & embark on exercise regimen without the counseling with the physician

Fear of disease & restricted life style creates psychological distress

Irregular or self medication with self dose modification as per the convenience

Negative beliefs about disease & therapies as regarding Insulin therapy .or can be completely cured by magical /mystical therapies etc.

Negative arguments with family members & physician as Why should I go for exercise while I am doing my routine work/ household work or why should I follow diabetic diet while taking medicines

Our health care system is also developed only to deliever acute symptom care & poorly cofigured to properly educate the people for such disorders So Patient ignores mild symptoms until creates hinderance

Therefore to overcome this problem-

Self management & diabetic education program is required for each diabetic individual

Patient must be able to set goals &make frequent daily decisions that are efficient &fit for diabetes & their life style

Improve quality of life by retarding or pushing back the diabetic complications as the major complications are due to vascular abnormalities & nerve damage which can be quantified at earliest by the third generation techniques available at specialized diabetic clinics as Diabetic Complication Detection Unit.

Dr.M.S.Singhal Dr.Alka Singhal



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I am a diabetic since last 10 years .I am an obese female of 63 years , I want to know whether taking glucobay 50 three times a day (which keeps my GBL almost in limits Of course with low carbohydrates in my diet ) is sufficient medication or some more drug should be added .I was prescribed this drug 'coz I had normal fasting sugar but PP used to be high n levels used to be fluctuating .So this (acarbose ) was found to be appropriate drug for me by d specialists .Lately I became quite careless about my dietary intake so sugar levels increased significantly making me quite unwell n anxious . Now I became quite careful for my diet(with low GI n low GL) n exercise .My dose was increased from Glucobay50 bid to tid.Now situation seems to be in control.So pl suggest about d medicine Thanks



I remember a story read in my childhood in Chandamama, chindren's magazine. One Zamindar was suffering from diabetes when people did not diagnose this problem in good olden days. He was feeling hungry frequently and also feeling weak at the same time. unable to concentrate on his daily routine. He consulted many vaid vidwans and tried many medicines but in vain. At last, he announced that anybody curing this problem will be given half of his property. one day one rishi/saint who was leading his life in forest came to this town and heard about this Zamindar. He met the richman and suggested to go to the nearby forest daily by foot which is 06 km away and identify a particular plant (whose roots are deeply rooted in the soil), remove it, make paste of the roots and drink it with water and come back and this should be the process for at least 04 months and he should do it like meditation without any other thoughts in mind. Zamindar did the same and ultimately, he met his required body exercise and peace of mind with this and felt better and gradually totally cured. He went to the saint and offered the booty, but the saint refused to accept and suggested to develop a community workplace for the town.

Understanding the morale and interpretations are left to the readers.


very nice motivational story for this life style disorder


YES,I fully endorse yr valuable guidance.Proper tt/adequate physical activities,self monitoring of blood Glucose levels,regular Eye,Cardiac,Renal n pedal evaluations r advised 2 patients




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