Any experience to share about " OJAMIN" liquid an ayurvedic herbal tonic for pancreas?? it is manufactured in Pune (Maharashtra). Pl. Share.

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  • Not heard of the substance so far.

  • Ojas means Immunity (in ayurveda i think) and MIN is taken from VITAMIN.

    IGNORE such "*MIN" from new companies specially if they say it is tonic for pancreas. Best tonic for pancreas is low carb diet.

    CUT DOWN CARBS and your pancreas will be happy. Switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. With less than 100gms carbs/day FAT doesn't cause CVD. Stay away from TRANS FAT.

  • The constituents of Ojamin are bael(bilvapatre),fenugreek seeds,krishna jeera,amla, haritaki, vibitaki,chirayata,guduchi,jamun and gurmur among some other extracts. All these in one way or other have claims of acting andimproving upon the various parts andfunctionsofour body including the digestive ,nervous and blood circulation systems. It may not be very right to call this mdicine as "tonic for pancreas" ( This is my view). Since most of the constituents are herbal it should be beneficial to thebody in the short run. In the long run however, one should decide onany side effects,if seen by the individual.