i am dibetic for 8-9 years,age 49,, i have premature ejaculation,erectile disfunction

actually speaking the premature ejaculation is since young age before any diabetic development,. if i do not have sex for 45 days or more, nightfall takes place, .guide me what to do, use of manforce-50 tab is harmful ? or if ok , what should be the right dose. i indulge in sex only after a gap of 50-70 days.

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  • (1) What are your sugar levels?

    (2) Do you test at home?

    (3) What's your last 2 A1C levels?

    Any synthetic drug for increasing libido is harmful for sure ...

  • i would very much like to try your remedy.I am 55yrs old and am facing this problem for the past 1 and 1/2 yrs..I have been a diabetic for 15yrs and i am on Dianorm M.Sexual activity is about once a month.Thanks.

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