What is the difference between appetite and hunger? Are they synonimous terms or are they different body responses to food?

Experts say that appetite and hunger are two different things..They say hunger is the need for food and is a physical reaction that includes chemical changes in our body related to naturally low level of glucose in our blood several hours after eating our food.

in the case of appetite it is Pscychologial response and a sensation that stimulates desire for food based on its looks, smelL .or craving whether one is hungry or not.

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  • Those who are on ketogenic / paleo diet aren't going through those "glucose crashes" but they feel hungry too. So how do you define that?

    Read abut leptin signalling from webMD to begin with :)

  • it is for you to read and blog what you think right.I have no need for this advise.

  • Fine. Then please do what you preach. Stop giving certificates on credibility when it doesn't fall in line with your viewpoint. You are free to express what you want but without trying to give certificates on credibility.

  • yes .you do not need any certificate.

  • Thanks. I hope in future you will not drag my name in your conversations with intent of belittling or ridiculing in order to prove your viewpoint or try and score some points in alliance with your new found friends on board. In my discussions i never ever drag any blogger directly or indirectly unless provoked. I never make the first move but at the same time don't expect me to be a sissy while pushed to a corner. I think like one other guy, you just picked on me unnecessarily and expected me to lie low. I am pretty vocal about it. I won't take things lying down low if provoked.

    Thanks once again.

  • yes. you need not lie low .you can fly high as you wish being the wisest man taking personally every querry or doubt blogged as to redicule you or spite you.

    .I do not have any need to challenge any bodyfor their opinion or views as these do not affect me at al in any manner .particularly my control over diabetes for the last 55 years.without any complications based on my own experience which has been very successful.ly helping me to maintain my health.

    It will be a great favour if you stop replying to me on this blog


  • Yes mr sahani,

    what you say is true as it is also the views of experts.

    In the case of those who are obese and who resort to ketogenic diet, it is said that this diet blunts their hunger and reduces intake of corbo hydrate food and helps in reducing calorie intake thereby reducing weight .Corohydrate is the usual source of energy for the body and when this is not available the body tries to get into emergency mode to maintain minimum energy required to maintai itself by consuming at first body muscles and subsequently stored fat in the lever which is not an effective source of energy. .This phenamenon consequently reduces weight in their case. One does not know if this helps diabetics maintain ideal blood sugar level on long term basis and dangers involved in such diet.

  • Have you heard about Dr Richard Bernstein?

    He is on 30gms carbs /day since ages ... and look how fit and healthy he is with A1C always below 5.

    What his lectures:

    If there were dangers he would have been long dead.

  • Dr bernard bernstein is a type 1 diabetic whose pancreas does not produce any insulin.For him the kiitogenic diet may be the alternative.

    Fat is not an effective food for calories..ketone is an iefficient fuel source because when the fatty acid is converted to keto bodies it is stated to contain only 7 calories..this means that normal pound of fat has less than 3500 calories.One has to eat lot of fat to get workable calories for any physical activity..

    By consuming fat one loses the vitamins and minerals that is in a corbohydrate.Therefore lot of suppliments have to be taken to make up in addition to suppliment the fat nutralising suppliment like lipopolic acid capsules etc.,.this is what I understand..

    Further in case of type2 diabetic some amount of insulin is always produced in the body which is alkaline in nature wheras ketone is acidic in nature..if glocose and ketones coexist in the blood it may interfere with ph value of blood which experts say is dangerous.

    i welcome your views.

  • Whenever you have time please go through folowing link. Author warns that it is not for cursory reading but needs time and mental energy to really get hold of real essence.


    It's a multi-part article.



  • 1 gm fat = 9 kcal

    1 gm carb = 4kcal

    1 gm protein = 4 kcal.

    Fatty acids yield the most ATP on an energy per gram basis. So i think fat has more energy and there's some misconception there. It's more calorie dense. There's a difference between DKA and Nutritional Ketosis. Nutritional Ketosis can never be dangerous Particualrly in Type 2 where there's always some insulin produced. Ketogenic diet is more dangerous for type 1 where there's no insulin produced and despite that Dr Bernstein and all his followers globally take it because type 1 always inject insulin. With LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET the requirement of Insulin and medicines come down drastically and in type 2 almost 70% go off all diabetic drugs. Living on NO drugs is far better than living on a cocktail of pills. His recommendations are not just for Type 1. There's always a misconception between Nutritional Ketosis and DKA unfortunately and that completely blurs the whole understanding of the issue. DKA is used to scare people who have no idea of LOW CARB HIGH FAT Diet. It's bad really if professionals do this scaremongering but it is understandable too. Lot of money is invested.

    Moreoever, Ketogenic means Ketones from fat become primary source of fuel because there's no glucose as source of energy. ph value of blood and DKA is being mixed up with ph value of blood and Nutritional Ketosis and i have seen this a common misunderstanding amongst those who oppose LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIETS despite visible benefits. Please clear misconception/confusion between DKA and Nutritional Ketosis for a better understanding. There are diabetics like Dr Bernstein who have invested their entire life and no doctor prefers to talk Bernstein and then only have one thing to say --- FAT is bad if asked why they just start swearing on internet. Dr Bernstein became a doctor only because of this attitude of pushing drugs to diabetics.

    Carbohydrate are not essential because can you name one disease that is related to carbohydrate deficiency? Pl read this and try to assimilate something :


    Now onto Supplements. No LOW CARB Dieters need no supplements. As for ALA Dr recommends it for reasons which you can get to know by going through his book. It is available online in India for anyone to buy and read. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID is not a Fat neutralizing supplement. Please do not spread false message Alpha Lipoic Acid. Grains have lots of anti-nutrients which in fact make their whole use for Vitamins useless and in fact expose to all sorts of other complications like leaky gut etc which then need further medicines to control. Soya after years of marketing has been rejected overseas as something great of a superfood. It has become a curse now. Wheat has become a tool for forcing overeating genetically. Corn has been the result of so many diseases including DIABETES (HFCS). List is endless when it comes to GRAINS. Younger generation will tend to challenge these as they have long years ahead of them. Those who are at fag end of their life obviously wouldn't like to change.

    There's a lot of money invested and lot of marketing against FAT which however for last 5-6 decades could not prove what it wanted to prove to those who refused to accept anything on face value. Diabetics who stare back at their face by demonstrating a healthy life, no pills, no medicines by going on a lower carb and higher fat diet are biggest irritants for them world over so all techniques are deployed to silence them. In US they use American Dietetic Association (another body that talks 60% carbs to diabetics) as a vehicle where attempts are to force arrest of anyone except license dieticians and doctors talking diet. This is almost similar to tryi9ng and arrest Ramdev for preaching Yoga without License.

    In the end, type1 or 2 doesn't make a difference. Ketogenic is far safer for Type 2 as there's endogenous insulin always there so DKA is ruled out. Dr Bernstein is not even low CARB he is VERY LOW CARB and in ketogenic range. He should have had a heart attack or kidneys failed if VLC and High fat was that bad. Most diabetics who are fed up of pills and injections and still A1c of 6.5+ aim for a LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet.



  • Thanks for your clarification..

    i have noted your views on Aamerican Diabetic Association.if this body is not genuine and has prescribed certain dietetic regimen it must be in relation to there stipulation of ideal blood sugar levels such as 70/110 and AIc 6.5. If the dietetic regimen of 60% corbohydrate is challenged what is the sanctity of 70/110 or AIc 6.5 ? why is this ideal followed and not challenged?This is not clear to me.

    You can educate on this..as i feel either we follow ADC totally or do not follow them at all..

  • ADA reduced limit to 5.7. A1C 6.5 is not ok if you want to really live without medicines. Some feel that this is because there are diabetics who are getting their numbers down through diet modifications entirely and lesser medicines so how does one get the pill sales UP? Ask ADA to revise limits. Then comes series of cohort studies as eye wash before limits get revised. As more and more start doing it don;t be surprised to find that limit revised down to 5.5 ... Call it conspiracy theory but then there's no smoke w/o fire. Please study how entire American healthcare system works and you will start seeing some sense on what those who challenge these bodies do.

    At 6.5 you can just suppress things for some time with PILLS. If not then why right on this forum only 42% people have no issues (refer POLL) and rest are having some problem or the other although all are trying to hit 6-7 which is called good control. All 58% cannot be having BGL beyond 7. Why in America you have 40% diabetics with Kidney issues if these numbers are great and safe?

    There are large number of people who do not follow ADA and are off medicines. Yes they do eat what entire establishment calls DANGEROUS (but without proof). Dietetics feel insecure and in America they want unregistered people who talk diet to diabetics arrested. One type 1 was arrested just because he blogged that 240+ gms recommended ADA CARBS/day is nothing but a "Cruel Joke" on a diabetic and how he controlled his diabetes on lower medicines and lower CARB. he was a type 1 cyclist if my memory serves me right. Why can't these bodies just let democracy prevail if they are really CLEAN? Come out in open and debate rather than have SWAT style raids conducted?

  • BTW I missed on your 70/110. In one lab test the limit i saw was 60/110 if you go to SRL Religare lab they put 105 as upper limit so there are a bunch of limits going around.

    Even 70/110 is not ok because a healthy person ABG moves around levels of 90's. That's why Dr Bernstein says what he says .... hit lower A1C which means hit lower ABG and he hits what is really healthy one. That's why diabetics those who don't believe in ADA's theory on diabetes aim for what is called "5% club"

    Having a trouble free feeling on PILLS doesn't mean everything is fine. Being PILLS Free is best feeling as that's what body was designed for.

  • what is the stand of indian diabetic association on the ADA stipulations?Do they disagree or do they agree.?

  • Do they have a choice? I don't think so. If their stance was any different medicines would be selling less and i am sure you would not be debating against FAT despite visible advantages even in long term.

    IDA (Indian Dental Association) recommends Colgate Toothpaste ... see the connection? MONEY! the primary fuel that keeps the GREED Flame burning. Ever wondered why these associations are ever allowed to endorse products? That holds answer to many of your doubts :)



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