Swedish Study On LCHF (LOW CARB HIGH FAT) Diet and Diabetes

Check it out here:


Point to note:


Thus, aiming for 20% of energy intake from carbohydrates is safe with respect to cardiovascular risk compared with the traditional LFD and this approach could constitute a treatment alternative.

World is waking up slowly .... as the concluding remarks are that this could be alternative treatment . LCHF is safe wrt CVD compared with Low FAT theory :)

So aim for 20% energy from CARBS ... that's exactly 100gms CARBS (400kcal is 20% of 2000kcal) that i keep "Parroting" (to dislike of many here) and eat FAT (except Trans Fat) ... your heart will be beating and not failing ... every study proves it. Diabetics are slowly taking control of their diabetes in their own hands world over and challenging the very bogus theory that FAT causes CVD ...

You know what ... Dr Richard Bernstein is living on 30 gms CARBS/day for over 4 decades now and is 80+ years old a Type1 since age of 12. Seven decades as a Type 1 diabetic.

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  • Anup Brother is a GENIUS! good source for inspiration, knowledge-enhancement centre, God bless you,

  • Thanks Tej.

    So count CARBS, restrict them to 100gms/day and eat good FAT ... BGL will be much better, medicines will reduce and heart will beat healthier

    Count your carbs from fatsecret.com/

    As you see readings improve, health get better start educating diabetics around you regarding LCHF. This is what i keep doing here ... and 9/10 don't like it as it is against established norms but i am more interested in that 1/10 and would love to hear from them how their levels improved, their medicines reduced and things got better ... :)

  • I want to give a try at this 100 gm carb theory, but tell me we Indians are wheat and its products savy. Why don't you give a diet plan?Publish it .


  • We exchanged messages on PM.

    I can only say what i do/am doing and since you have kidney issues these can be discussed with your doc to come up with what you can do. I just gave up wheat rice because they added too much to sugar level. 1 Chapati was adding 15 points so ga ve it up.

    (1) I take No wheat/rice/corn/maize/etc etc to the extent that chapati is restricted to just 1 chapati/week for feasting and not as regular stuff to eat.

    (2) My breakfast revolves around egg omelet loaded with veg padding loaded with butter and cheese.

    (3) Other option for breakfast revolves around what we call "daal chilla" again loaded with butter, cheese.

    In both (2) & (3) i take 100ml milk boiled with turmeric + pepper. It's full fat milk.

    (4) Lunch is invariably non strained hot vegetable sup 300-400ml with cream/butter and nuts (peanut + walnut + almonds + pine nut).

    (5) Between lunch and dinner it's a small preparation of curt which can be raita from cucumber, onion, tomato etc or a fruit raita with small amount of grapes etc.

    (6) Dinner is a nice load of dry veg preparation small cup of daal. Then a small desert of 1 slice mango pureed with curd+cream and chilled. All vegetables and paneer used. No it doesn't sound boring eating same stuff everyday. For me eating is now a dily chore like brushing teeth. I want to avoid PILLS and i will do anything that i can do to do that.

    I go for a 1.6-2hm walk before dinner

    If i eat forbidden stuff (normally it is in dinner on ly) i go for a stroll after dinner also

    I consume 100gm+ mixed nuts daily more as snacking.

    lots of green tea with lemon (no milk, no sweetner, nothing)

    I do eat chicken once a week and that's the day when i eat 1 chapati.

    Fruits is limited to mango 1 slice these days pureed with curd and full fat cream.

    How do i feel?

    Excellent because i don't have to eat PILLS and all my parameters are normal. I don't think i will ever be going back to eating rice and wheat stuff. Once ina while is ok but not as a habit.

    Am i missing nutrients?

    A Big NO!!!!

    Do i feel week?


    Conclusion: Revolve around veg, full fat dairy, butter, cheese, egg, chicken , nuts... and aah i forgot -- Cold Pressed Coconut Oil ... :)

  • cold pressed coconut oil is Virgin coconut oil This oil has great life never get spoiled like any other oil. I did work on this production


  • absolutely, agreed, endorsed, shall keep in touch, God bless U

  • Encouraging!

  • dear anup thanks again for giving detail of your eating habits very very encouraging,

    can you give detail about nuts as many items come under nut do u any specific nut

    milk is not harmful???

  • nut -- peanut+walnut+almonds+pinenut.

    No cashew nut.

    100ml milk in a day is ok. If you want to avoid, you can.

  • Dear sir,

    How to get rid of the feeling of weakness and control hunger

    when we switch over to LCFD?


  • Thank u sir. I will try my best to adopt LCHF.


  • Thanks all for useful information.

  • Anup is banned because he upset few HIGH CARB LOW FAT Fanatics who are hell bent on ensuring that diabetics keep eating drugs like peanuts. LCHF is the way forward and only if all type 2 can adopt, more than 60% would need no drugs for a large part of their life. Now that would mean huge loss to medicare business and that's why they keep scaring everyone against FAT.

  • Anup, I am new comer here. I came to know from so many posts here that you are a protagonist of LCHF diet and motivating others to follow the same. I have to read the old posts to know more about your way of mainataining LCHF. I have also started LCHF thanks to Medfree who is giving day to day information for the benefit of others. I learnt that you are missing for quite sometime. Why cant you post often to motivate new comers like me. Thanks.

  • Anup unfortunately is banned from posting. He probably irked too many ADA/Havard/USDA fans back then when LCHF was alien on this forum. Now more than 150 (estimated) have switched so job for me becomes easier :)

    After Anup, rusticguy took over. He was also banned. Then LCHFBot account got deleted. Then CarbsKill account got deleted. Recently my 900+ posts were deleted. Doesn't matter. We will keep spreading the message with the idea that if we can convert one diabetic to LCHF our objective is achieved. Not sure how long my account would stay active as few Harvard fans here must be hitting the "report" link desperately because i keep countering them in most uncompromising way. "Sweet" talks will never help a diabetic.

    Switch to LCHF and you will be motivated to convince others to switch to LCHF. FAT is harmless. It's the CARBS that KILL!

  • Any one switching to LCHF is good and will live long. may God bless them all

  • @ranga -

    Very true! Huge population of diabetics around the world have proved how great LCHF diet has been in managing diabetes on even zero drugs. Mainstream medicine wants all to be obese and sick and that's why High Carb is pushed so desperately for everyone including diabetics and cancer patients. It is well known that cancer feeds on sugar.

  • For those who fear SATURATED FAT.

    Bumping up my own very old post.

  • Doesn't this expose all the LIES that are dished out against SATURATED FAT by the American heart Association?  This study proved what it had to wrt SFA. Some Associations and Bodies obviously will live in perpetual Denial mode as their decades of LIE get EXPOSED.

  • Instead of repeating same posts again and again like some do, I would just bump this up -- something that I posted when I fist started talking LCHF here three years back. SFA is not harmful and it is conclusively proved in this study. Incidentally this doesn't come from American heart Association :)

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