One More Reason to drop the wheat ... helps diabetics more!

This is basically what Food industry colluding with Pharma industry means on a broader spectrum of how to make more money from health through medication. 2 and a half generation has led to what we are today ... and it will take more than 5 generations to undo the damages done if everyone started taking their own health in their own hands.


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  • And Bill Gates is investing in Monsanto which has aggressive eyes set on Africa and India (to ruin health through genetically modified cr@p.

  • So innovate on this :)

  • Dr OZ show comes at odd hours on zee cafe i think.

  • You are not adding any value to the discussion.There is no compulsion on you to make irrelevant comments.PL.

  • i shall take care

  • But why did you delete your comments? More than half the comments on this board are without value. Who cares!!!

  • I deleted because the other blogger was getting disturbed...i was texting my responses to your suggestions on how to experiment with wheat free recipes...

  • Anyone who gets disturbed has 3 options:

    (1) Report to admin.

    (2) Apply for being a moderator and then start adding more value by deleting anything that doesn't fall in the subjective thought of what is VALUE.

    (3) Ignore the post

    Internet is supposed to be more democratic a place than the country that we live in .... i haven't seen anyone who get disturbed here getting disturb ed when abuses were hurled at me and in fact one octogenarian called defended the other guy. Well he defended as i had been on other side f fence in a discussion with him.

    I know people here aren't too happy about LCHF ... do i care? No way! I am not here for some character certificates.

  • Thank you.No hard feelings.

  • Let's see how many more posts get evaluated for value.

  • Genetically unmodified, natural wheat is good for a diabetes because it slows digestion. Maize is said to contain glucose to some extent and hence non wheat products like ordinary biscuits and ordinary breads are not recommended for diabetes.

  • But if you see the TV clip/article, the genetic modification already occurred in the decade 70's.

    Offtopic : "Gaajar ghaas" as we know it today that causes server allergy they say is gift of some consignment of red wheat that was imported from USA back in last century.

    Celiac disease, leaking gut, glutten intolerance, IBS etc are all gift of genetic engineering applied on food items by and large. This article explains another factor which leads to overeating. I am not aware on how much of wheat i n India is free from all this. So i preferred to Drop Wheat from life (kept it for once a week one chapati for feasting only).

  • I have drastically reduced wheat and other grains from my diet and the results are remarkable. For the last 4 days my FBS has been: 130, 109, 104 & 101 . The tips you have given and resources you have indicated in your postings have been immensely helpful. Thank you.

  • Thank you for updating us and glad to hear this. Keep enjoying good health and encouraging other diabetics to follow same path as this will lead to better sugar control and lesser medicines.

    Keep a watch on your sugar levels and if needed adjust medicine dose.

    It would be nice if you post your experiences as a new blog because old blogs get buried deep and no one is good at searching. So please open a new blog and share your experience

  • If these reading aare of Self testing at home, your actual levels would be lower still so time for adjustment of your medicines dose.

  • Yes, I do my glucose testings myself at home. I have also started adjusting my medicine dose. The doctor had advised Glucobay before lunch which i have now discontinued. Instead of taking Metformin (Glyciphage) 500mg morning and evemng, now I take only one tab in the morning and half a tab in the evening. I trust I will be able to get rid of these too as well as the 10 units of insulin (Mixtard) that I take daily.

  • Great. MF dose changes sometimes have delayed impact. So give sometime before next dose change (maybe 2 weeks) as far as MF is concerned. Watch your FBS closely because meters normally would be reading 15 points higher at those levels. If you are taking only plain Metformin then perhaps you may think about lowering insulin doze by a unit or 2 because METFORMIN alone cannot cause hypo and since your meal CARB load has reduced drastically there will be a need to lower insulin dose.

    Start taking green tea with lemon and no sugar/sweetner

    Keep us posted as your medicines/insulin reduce and let the world around you know ... educate other diabetics also :)

  • On the other thread you mentioned that you are taking "SR" version. Please note that SR/ER tablets are not to be broken. So if you are reducing dose better to get 250mg MF SR instead of breaking the tablet. Though i don't take medicines so i have no direct experience but this is what one of my friend who take MF-SR told me

  • Thanks Anup for this information. I have been breaking the tablets for the past few days. I shall try to get the SR 250 ,mg tabs.

  • Off wheat and rice for more than a month now. Numbers are great -- obviously better than with wheat/rice. 

    Know few more diabetics on LCHF diet who have gone off wheat and rice and are enjoying great numbers.

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