protein intake by diabetics-what is the implication on kidney function specially for people over 60 years who are not kidney patients yet?

This topic is widely debated in a similar blog.The outcome of the debate was heated one.-- by one who is a non diabetic and other a diabetic who is still relatively young and diabetic for less than 5 years.Both denigrate the other's view causing harm to the healthy debate..

As far as I know protein helps build body tissue and all cereals,vegetables and even fish meat dairy products etc.,have this in some measure..The kidney is not expected to throw this nutrition out in the urine but filter and retain in the blood while throwing waste through urine.

whereas in case of corbohydrate in our food in excess of our energy requirement circulates in the blood as sugar and discharged through kidneys as a waste material and in case of diabetics results into frequent urination consequently overloading the kidneys and causing it finally to fail in its function.called renal failure.This is what practising nephrologists opine.

Even in case of non diabetics or well controlled diabetics excess use of oral drugs and pain killers is supposed to cause kidney failure.similar to what happens in case of corbohydrates..

When renal failure occurs it is no more possible for the kidney to filter and retain protein in the blood but it is also discharged through urine as waste.That is how additional intake of protein as suppliment is advocated by nephologists treating kdney patient.

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  • Now he is searching my FB account in order to send some Goondaas :)


    No point overloading kidneys more so as i said in other post if you are calling 6.0-7.0 as good control. Organs are already undergoing damage at cellular level every time sugar goes beyond 140.

  • the figure of 6.o-7..o and 140 are the statistical averages propounded by ADA .Is there no plus or minus to these statistical averages based on nationality climate food habits and finally age?.I have read somewhere (which I cant recollect now) that beyong 131 is damaging to the cells.Any where 70-130 is okay..

  • Most diabetics are referred to site by a Diabetic herself and who is much against ADA specified LIMITS and is herself very critical of how doctors mistreat/treat diabetics. Almost everyone who control their diabetes are of same opinion ... they are mistreated.

    More on numbers and cellular damage:

    Beta cells damage starts whenever glucose levels peaks over 100.

    Heart problems start becoming pronounced as A1C climbs above 5.4 (if i recall correctly .. you can check on her site)

    On ADA limits there's again no scientific basis and as Dr Bernstein right said ... they are numbers decided by "NON DIABETICS and IMPOSED on Diabetics". The averages are more for aiming at allowing more CARBS to be safely fed because if limits are really tightened it would be impossible to feed carbs to the extent that it is recommended by ADA /MAYO (that's what LCHF does ... restricts carbs) and that's damaging for entire business chain involving the CARB food industry and Pharma companies. I saw on site of MAYO where recommended breakfast for a diabetic had 74 grams CARBS with orange juice etc (Standard American diet) ...

    yes aggressive sugar control means you maintain 120 always. But if you feed CARBS you will need medicines and when medicines come into play then dangers of HYPO come up. To avoid that situation they say 6-7 is GOOD Control. That explains the logic behind 6.0 -7.0 as safe range. Please go through entire site

  • And she has a section on Kidneys too ... but please remember she like most diabetics who control their "D" is a LOW CARB High Fat proponent/follower so these rulesw may not apply to all those who follow conventional practise:

    Importance of tight control:

    That's why i want to control "D" without PILLS and aim for < 5.5 always on A1C and that's wy i keep chirping LCHF which isn't liked by many ... these things will never be endorsed by mainstream because it reduces the money flow from pills /drugs sale, costly procedures etc ;)

    LCHF is great from whichever way one tends to look at it but needs an "open Mind" willing to accept :)

  • I think there is hope, as the evidence mounts from the roots up of controlled carbohydrate, LCHF, and palaelithic diets for instance contributing to improved health. Communications, such as this website, will change peoples' needs and demands from the medical industries and food industries for instance.

  • It is a HERCULEAN TASK as mind is still tuned to one thing -- FAT IS BAD. I have created more enemies here than friends talking LCHF :)

  • Anup Ji, I have been observing my increased FBS & PPBS levels from last 3 years. Initially FBS was 110 - 114 & PPbs was 130 -140. I have not started any medication as yet and only observe diet control. On exercise part I am very lazy & do yoga sometimes & Sudarshan Kriya (Art of Living breathing exercise). With this I am achieving FBS 100 or below & PPBS 102 - 120. Recently I have noticed that the lack of energy what I feel is due to low BP. Also I am observing excessive Thirst & Urination from last 8 - 10 months. I have high serum uric acid levels from last 20 years which rose to 8.6 about 5 years ago. Then my doctor administered Allopurinol 400 mg / day. Subsequently it has been reduced to 100 mg/day. Now my Uric Acid levels are 4.2 - 5. What diet will you advise to me, since I have to observe low protein diet for uric acid levels. I am not completely avoiding the food that are not recommended for Uric acid patients like Leintils/ Dals, Spinach, Fenugreek, Cauliflower, Mushrooms. But I consume these in less quantity and less frequently. Also, for time being I have been lenient on my self on sugar free diet. Although I was not taking sugar in tea, coffee or milk from last 3 years and very less and infrequent desserts & sweets. but now I am taking little mango, grapes. melon since I doubt that my blood sugar sometimes fall resulting in very low feeling. Please suggest a good diet for my case.


  • I am male, Age 48 years, Weight 64 kgs. In last one year my weight felled from 70 kgs to 60 kgs. I was having some gastric problem. Now it has recovered with treatment

  • I think with high URIC acid levels you have already limited your options. So you will have to check carb/fat content of what you are allowed to eat from and try and restrict CARBS.

  • Thanks Anupji. What are the name of tests for PAD and DNP. And should I go for C-pep to get the exact status of insulin.

    I do not get spike in bsl after eating curd but burning sensation/numbness starts after half n hour and continues for a long time.

  • PAD == Peripheral Artiery Disease

    DNP == Diabetic neuropathy

    c-peptide will reveal about endogenous insulin.

    How much water do you drink in a day?

  • And also of late my lips and saliva dries and same light sensation starts around lips also.

  • 1 ltr upon waking up and another 1 ltr in whole day. Total around 2 ltrs.

  • In crease to 3.

    Also please check this --

    This is something that will need to be checked -- ie DNP/PAD what i mentioned. Discuss with your doctor about this.

  • Thanks Anupji. I will discuss.

  • Anupji, you've been advocating LCHF for diabetics. Good...... it's in the medical books. However, for a diabetic like me who on touching 5.9 on A1c has quit meds and is surviving on tow other pillars.....viz. diet control and 5 KM evening walk every day, what would be the diet chart .....having LCHF condition fulfilled? I'm a veg too.....strictly veg.

    your advice pl on diet chart

  • Drop Grains keeping just lentils on menu.

    Add nuts to your life. I eat 100gms+ nuts (no cashew nut at all)

    All dairy should be full fat stuff (so no skimmed stuff).

    No Potatoes, limited carrot and beets, full fat milk curd which is > 1 day old, butter, cheese, clarified butter

    Add paneer to menu.

    No biscuits, cracker, wafers etc.

    This is by and large. Once in a while cheating is allowed.

    This i would say is begining ... adjust life around this and innovate.

    Being veg it limits your options.

    For computing carb /fat/protein/ load check

    If you are not a thyroid patient then add supplement:

    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 300mg Capsule OID. (once a day).

    This is what i can suggest not knowing what you eat at present.

  • Hi Anoop !!! You seem to be very active, articulate, emphatic and confident here. Good. Thanx for our comments. I noted your advocacy for LCHF diet. Please give me an ideal LCHF diet ( nWhat stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner I shoulkd take ? ) to maintain ideal intake . . I am at present taking 1500 mg of Metformin, + 5 mg Onglyza, and 2 brainstar . daily dose . My FBS is 100 to 120 and PPBS is 130 - 140 .

  • Hi,

    I have posted reply a thread above. That's starting point. As you adjust your diet, keep a check on your BG levels as medicines will need adjustments as it falls low.

  • Hi Anoop !!! You seem to be very active, articulate, emphatic and confident here. Good. Thanx for our comments. I noted your advocacy for LCHF diet. Please give me an ideal LCHF diet ( nWhat stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner I shoulkd take ? ) to maintain ideal intake . . I am at present taking 1500 mg of Metformin, + 5 mg Onglyza, and 2 brainstar . daily dose . My FBS is 100 to 120 and PPBS is 130 - 140 .

  • Hi Anoop !!! You seem to be very active, articulate, emphatic and confident here. Good. Thanx for our comments. I noted your advocacy for LCHF diet. Please give me an ideal LCHF diet ( nWhat stuff for breakfast lunch and dinner I shoulkd take ? ) to maintain ideal intake . . I am at present taking 1500 mg of Metformin, + 5 mg Onglyza, and 2 brainstar . daily dose . My FBS is 100 to 120 and PPBS is 130 - 140 .

  • he asked for people whose kidney is still healthy. You are repeatedly replying with same old crap for people with kidney issues. There's a difference between the two. Keep exposing yourself.

  • And now you are abusing all LCHF adapters calling them SUCKERS .... great shows what sort of a cult you belong to really. You are just exposing yourself more and more every time you open your mouth.

  • mr amiyakrisna

    your comments on my post seems to be irrelevant. My question was the implication of protein intake for older people above 60 years who are not kidney patients.whereas you quote a book for chronic kidney failure patients

    .It is advisable for you to comment on protein diet for people with healthy kidneys but who are with diabetics.

    In so far as tablets to control of bl sugar suggested by you -this was not asked in the post and hence this also is not relevant.

    it is advisable to be objective in commenting on post to avoid unnecessary confusion and hostile comments from fellow bloggers..

    please do not misunderstand my comments.Take it in the right spirit..

  • He cannot and will not change his ways. For him 1.2gms/kg protein has to be pushed no matter whether A1C is 5,6, 7,8 or 10 no matter what BP of patient is. This is why i say ... NON DIABETICS who watch diabetes from fence can never understand diabetes.

  • Thanks for the clarification.What i wrote was the opinion of nephrologist.As i am already using some drug to control your advise was not useful to me..Keep blogging .your professional input will educate all those who are interested without dogmatism

  • Did you read the title of the post? More importantly did you understand what title is intending to ask because it's a question? Read again :)

    Read following and read carefully. She says don't eat high protein diet (and she is diabetic) .. she also has given a protein calculator.

    I know you HATE anyone who talks sense (i remember how you ridiculed Dr Bernstein, Dr Mercola etc) ... but still here's one more for you:

    Don't make it a EGO issue because then you will stop learning :)

    Oh so anything that a failing sugar control person is taking will be good for healthy person also? So if you have your way you will prescribe METFORMIN to everyone :)

    Read peacefully take your time to understand and then post your reply. You are just exposing yourself otherwise.

  • It's 7 now.

  • And so you do delete your posts ... which means u edit your backdated posts also keep exposing your true self.

  • mr amiiyakrisna

    it is advisable to ignore frustrated individuals using abusive language on others as you cant improve their mental condition as.they think too much of themselves and unaware of what others think about them in public forum like this.

  • No one is here needing a certificate anyone else.

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