Initial experience of LCHF

read and assimilate. LCHF is good for Diabetics .. it is good for everyone who can make the switch as early as possible. Some say how c an vegetarians adopt this tyle .. well not difficult ... first step is drop grains and add more vegetables, butter, cheese and buts to your lifestyle.

Diabetics world wide have _ONLY_BENIFITED_ and this is what has been disliked by the the mainstream medical and dieticians / nutritionists community are very reluctant to discard their low fat mantra of the last thirty years.

One can understand that, as no-one likes to have to back track and admit they might be wrong. So switch to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET as a diabetic and see how your Medical Bills can reduce.

PS: I am not some nutritionist or other guy watching g diabetes from fence or reading about diabetes and diet in books. I am a diabetic with startin g level of 229/129 9Feb 2011) and have been living without prescription DRUGS and my last A1C have been 5.0/6.0/5.2. Wouldn;t you want your A1C to be same? switch to LCHF :)


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  • Want to red more on LCHF Diet :

    I'll keep posting. 5 users have switched and seen benefits. It's your turn now because you live in your body and not your dietician, nutritionists or doctor

    However, if you are still skeptical then only option is eat pills and keep enjoying higher sugar levels and other problems despite pills first for D then for heart, kidney and everything else . :)

  • What is the diet recommended for LCHF in Indian context?

  • Drop GRAINS and adjust based on what you eat. That's first step.

    Add 100gms/day Nuts to your life (i have posted about this enough on forums)

    Then as you reduce carbs add fats -- butter, cheese, clarified butter.

    Finally settle with 100gms carbs/day max and rest adjust and innovate on diet after calculating carbs from

    I eat fish, chicken and eggs so that's also Indian context. It depends on what you want to eat to hit low carb rage and then add fat to lifestyle.

  • Met & Matl Science by education. Worked for 13 years developing and making different grades of alloy and stainless steel, and in the last plant that I worked (150000 TPA Mini mill with UHP-EAF, LF, CCM, MRP Converter) rose to head of production in short span of 4 years of joining superseding my own bosses at two levels to be their boss. That plant became victim of global steel crisis back then and finally shut down due to family disputes among owners. Till then I had written four papers in Tool & Alloy steel journal published out of India and presented a paper at NMD - National Metallurgist Day.

    Other plants were keen to take me but were offering a designation one step lower as I was considered too young (@36) to be given the post that i was looking for. I wasn't willing to compromise, so switched profession and started a project back in 2000 (legal portal on Indian judgments) and burned all savings.

    So three years of playing around and having burned all savings, we put that on back burner. Now, out of the woods, so reviving that project again next month with 6 months of time-line before we are again in market for marketing that as a PAID service. This project will be done on Symfony framework and integrated with elasticsearch.

    Yes, we do SAAS based cms and other projects, MS Exchange Alternative on Linux for corporates, corporate mailing solution, custom project dev etc. Our servers are on the East Coast and we don't compete with junk hosting companies like Godaddy and Hostgator as we are pretty expensive compared to them. We don't sell space to third party developers as we are paranoid about security. The largest Indian publication in the US is our client. Since you are an Indian in US, I am sure you must have heard about it -- Little India :)

    Re your project, with such a huge data set and expected traffic you will need a fully managed serve to begin with, which may have to be upscaled to cluster setup if traffic becomes huge. This is besides the one time dev cost and regular maint costs.

  • No, I am in India. And, I just checked that site (Little India) after a long time. Even they have published something interesting:

    WRT Steel plant - EAF based mini mills have become nonviable due to electricity problems -- specially during those days where plants never used to get power for more than 12 to 16 hrs a day. Many plants closed in that period. Only one's that survive are if they have upstream integration with MBF (mini blast furnace). I think with all this, even US Steel, A K Steel in the US are struggling due to cheap imports from China, Korea and Taiwan. Nucor, Standard Steel somehow manages to survive well, though one of them faced closure of a pelletisation plant that went bust recently.

    As for your requirement of corrugated sheets etc, that's roughly a Rs 1000 core project (maybe more) in today's terms as it will need a slab caster and strip mill for getting the sheets, besides the upstream Steel Melt shop and it has to start from MBF and not 100% steel scrap.

  • Smallest of Mini Mills based on 40T UHP-EAF-LRF-CCM setup alone will need 40 MVA connected load as bare minimum, not counting the downstream facility like rolling mill etc. Because, that capacity UHP alone will need around 24 MVA as bare minimum. So, DG set of 1MVA can just handle emergency situations when the heat is ready for casting and power fails. It can just handle the Crane and CCM load so that the ready-for-casting heat doesn't go for scrap. Solar setup for 40 MVA is a mega project in itself and will need huge amount of land.

    If you would want to base setup for long products (tor steel for construction industry), then that setup can be done based of induction furnace - Billet Caster - Bar Rolling Mill setup for around $20M I think as a Greenfield project. Working capital additional. Other option would be to look for some sick setup available for rehab. This will have lower gestation period.

  • Well, sick plants one will have to hunt and then evaluate on case by case basis. Greenfield is a different ballgame and offers complete freedom/flexibility. Getting land for solar will be a pain and will have to go through all the hassles. At best, in-plant utilities power is the fastest that can be done.

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