Saturated FAT and CVD .. Do fats really cause Heart Attack / CVD? Answer is NO ... it's carbs!!!

Some feel LCHF that i keep talking is some new invention. It is not. LCHF has existed since Paleolithic age. Then comes the modern medical world scare that FAT causes Heart Attack/CVD. Please read above article.

Stay below 100gms CARBS (CHO in above article is carbohydrate) and eat FAT ... CHO + FAT causes CVD and that's what i (along with many diabetics who are on this lifestyle) have been saying .. restrict CARBS to 100gms and eat FAT ... and enjoy life as a diabetic. SAFA is saturated Fat.

FIRST thing to drop from life should be all grains except lentils. When i say "ALL" i mean "ALL". They should be kept reserve for once a week for one meal ... and that day walk extra after the meal starting 40 min after finishing meals with chapati/rice

This is no "NUTRITION" theory taught for degree but pure conclusion from empirical tests "as a real time diabetic" and not someone who watches diabetes from fence and then passes judgments ... the day i eat 1 chapati my levels are 15-20 points higher ... no nutritional course in college or universities will ever teach you this ... they all say STUFF everyone with 60% energy from CARBS and to make it more worse some day PUMP in 20-30% Protein because you should be eating 1gm/kg protein and just eat 10% FAT ... because FAT causes HEART ATTACK (that's what Ancel Keys taught everyone and fooled everyone to produce the most OBESE Nation on earth -- USA) what they forget to tell you as a diabetic is --- EAT PILLS along with it like PEANUTS :)

So DROP all Grains except lentils as first step ... before you take next step to LCHF lifestyle :)

PS: I am a diabetic since Feb 2011 with 229/129 (PPBS/FBS) and haven't take any prescription drugs and my A1C were 5.0/6.0/5.2 ... i want it to be always below 5.5max because 5.7 and above things start getting bad. ...

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  • More on same from Japanese Study:

    So why not show this to your DOCTOR and ask him to prescribe less PILLS and design a diet around 100gms CARB, 60gm PROTEINS and rest FAT. Test their professional SKILLS at designing such a diet for you ... and if they talk same ADA nonsense of 60% CARBS then you can be sure they are trying to PUSH Drugs to you.

  • Jai Ho Protein Maharaj Ki ...

    I am not from Protein CAMP. That's your agenda ... i dont take protein much as i know it is not recommended to commit harakiri ...

  • How much was CARB in that study?

    Some one ate protein diet and posted his 2,3 hr result here on forum. No drop in BGL despite being on medicines ... who knows what after 3 hrs?

    Mine drops 30-40 points on no medicine but lower protein :D :D

    Become a diabetic and prick yourself daily 2-3 times after eating different foods .. don't try and disprove what has been proved again and again by diabetics all over world. Not sure what your agenda is?

    Dr Bernstein is living example for most diabetics ... 30gms CARB/day ... he should have been dead within 10 years as per medical science and C ARB Lobby :)

    When new born draw 60% energy from fat in mothers milk FAT cannot be BAD. maybe some day PHARMA Lords will inject expecting Moms to make the milk LOW FAT so that by the time kid is 3-4 years old he is diabetic :D :D

  • Want to know more?

    (1) One of the richest sources of choline, a vital micronutrient for liver function, is egg yolk – a fat.

    (2) The richest source of natural tocotrienols (vitamin E), potent antioxidants, is red palm oil – a fat.

    (3) One of the better sources of vitamin K2, an oft-ignored nutrient involved in cancer prevention, arterial health, and bone metabolism, is grass-fed butter – a fat.

    (4) The best dietary source of vitamin D, a nutrient most people are deficient in, is cod liver oil – a fat.

    So who says FAT is BAD. BUTTER IS EXCELLENT but BUTTER when COMBINED WITH BREAD, TOAST, CRACKER (white, brown, green grey doesn't matter, whole grain half grain or quarter grain doesn't matter as bread is bread and will spike your BGL) is POISON ...

    I know many would ask what to eat?

    Take the second step after dropping grains from life:

    Hot Veg Soup Non Strained with 30gms full fat milk cream or around 20gm butter ... 1 large cup measuring around 350ml and enjoy this with a 30-50 grams MIXED NUTS (no cashew) ... that's what i take daily and yet to see any rise in BP or LIPIDS.

    Is life boring after dropping Grains? Not at all ... i take full fat milk curd which is > 1 day old and enjoy a nice raita loaded with small quantity of seasonal fruits and soaked nuts ... key is INNOVATE and count carbs ... from

    if this sounds "impractical as some have said" then keep enjoying Rice, Chapati, brown Bread and toast and eat PILLS instead of PEANUTS .. sorry of this sounds BLUNT ... I am blunt ...

    I have seen some "Theoreticians" c all this "Specialty of some school" ... yes this is a specialty of LCHF from school of "Practicing Diabetics" with a desire to go off meds ASAP and still control BGL ... text books can never teach you what your meter can tech you .. so eat and test

  • Anup,

    I have not eaten chapati / rice/ bread for last 10 days. I take salad, curds and nuts. Last 2 days I have converted all salad in form of vegetable, add paneer or egg to it. It is beautiful in test and you feel like full for 4-5 hrs. Now I am not taking any grains. Now I want to add fat to my dish. So I take 1 spoon of Cheese or home made butter or ghee.

    With my style of food, I am getting sufficient proteins, Fat. At the age of 60, I want to keep myself away from BS. So this food and brisk walking for 50 minutes. I was surprised to see that my tummy is flat and weight is reduced by 4 kgs in 30 days. I feel very much energetic through out the day. I go to bed at 10 PM and get up at 5 AM without alarm. No problem for number 1 and 2 in morning.

    Life is really good, now a days. With medicines as advised by you are on and in another 3 to 4 weeks time. I will give up Piosafe 15 mg also.

  • I always feel great to read experiences like these because i know this is what it will be for anyone who makes the shift. Keep a watch on your FBS and PPBS numbers till everything is settled and if you find yourself consistently hitting in 120-140 range for PPBS it would be safe enough to throw piosafe out and then be on Metformin SR only which is a great CHANGE for better from combination of glynese + piosafe because latter 2 drugs were whipping your pancreas and driving you towards a stage where exogenous insulin would be needed.

    As for fat, try adding sesame seeds to salad and take nuts upto, take stuff made from coconut. Start counting CARBS though with grains out it will be easier to keep carbs to 100gms/day max.

    Keep us posted with your numbers and experience. You are 4rth person right on this forum to practically see the benefit of LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET. If you had episodes of Acid reflux, GERD etc even they will disappear in long run n this lifestyle.

  • I have kept chapati for once a week when i eat chicken for dinner. With just 1 chapati & Chicken and the usual dessert that i take every day my numbers climb 15-20 points. So this is the impact of just one chapati that i have found out "practically"

    Will do tests with same CARB equivalent of rice and see how numbers behave.

    Add 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid - OID morning in your lifestyle. Things will improve further.

  • Anup, I too add paneer to salad along with a few peanuts. It is yumm.

    And to all others who are reading this - I too have gone off all grain since last monday and I record a one hour Post Prandial Blood Sugar(post lunch) of 122, 125, 121 and 123. My meal is very similar to Anup’s - HE IS THE ONE WHO GUIDED ME TO LCHF DIET - and the perceptible drop in PPBS also simultaneously HAD an unbelievable increase in MY energy levels. I AM WHOLEHEARTEDLY FOR LCHF DIET.

  • GreyLion ..

    it is all about innovating. Refer and innovate.

    Looks like you have really gone aggressive on BGL now that you are quoting 1 Hr PPBS.

    Once you have settled into this you can reduce the amount of testing to regular 2 HR PPBS once every alternate days and FBS once a week.

    Pl start educating diabetics around you. Not everyone will listen but really doesn't matter.

  • Are you still on glycomet?

    What are your plans because with these numbers you can randomly check 2 Hr PPBS also and drop glycomet and be PILL Free ... spend money on Alpha Lipoic Acid than Glycomet :)

  • Yes Anup, As yet I am. Started NO Rice/Wheat diet on Monday 29/4/’13. Will drop the glycomet from tuesday after fasting and PPBS on monday. :)

  • Great ... Good luck :)


  • Anup, What is 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and how it is good for diabetic? Last time also you mentioned about this Tab. I am getting it in a day or two

  • This is a good anti oxidant, it is said to lower blood sugar also. Being an anti oxidant it protects body from oxidative stress damage. This is not a drug but a supplement. I order online from mynutramart. On higher doses it also helps in cases of Diabetic neuropathy.

    Once you start this, keep a check on your numbers because it could be possible that you get off PIOSAFE earlier than expected.

    Dr Richard Bernstein recommends this for every diabetic.

    I take ALA 300mg and ASTAXANTHIN 6mg as 2 supplements besides home made supplement of 100 ml golden milk ( milk boiled with turmeric and pinch of pepper).

  • @anup..please could you guide if Jowar, Bajra, Millets, Barley, Maize (Corn) also should be considered as CARBS in the 100gm pd CARB diet

  • They are all GRAINS.

    CORN is worst of all. Diabetics should not even touch with a BARGE pole.

  • It was interesting to read about the grain-less diet to combat diabetes. I am a diabetic for the last twentifive years and no doctor or nutritionist ever told me this. I am going to try your suggestions. By the way, is eating potatoes OK, since it is not a grain?

  • No Potato at all. Restricted carrot and beets, limited beams.

    If you want a Potato substitute, then try boiled and mashed cauliflower.

    If you tell doctors you are living like this they will not be happy with you. This is because this leads to lower medicine sales and better BGL control.

  • Thanks for the tip about potatoes.

    I tried the no grain meal last night. The result is quite encouraging. The FBS was reduced from 159 yesterday to 124 this mirning!

    Since 2008 I am taking insulin (mixtard) 10 units every day plus metformin 500 mg(Glyciphage SR) twice a day. Any suggestion to reduce / get rid of insulin and medications would be highly appreciated. My e-mail ID is

  • If you switch to this permanently please adjust your insulin so that you don't hit hypo. Do you have any other medical complications?

  • Yes, I have high BP (180/96 last week) and ischemic heart disease. For BP I take Losar 50 and for heart disease i take Flavedon MR and Ecosprin. Mine is an old case as I am 77 years old.

  • Sir then i would say that please keep a check on your Sugar levels while you try this grain less lifestyle. If needed reduce your diabetic medications in case you find that your levels are running lower with no grain diet.

    Monitor it for a long period of say 1 month and see how it behaves.

  • One caution:

    If you are taking medicines then you will need to closely watch your BG levels as medicines will need correction wrt dose etc.

    Anirudh i know was take Glynese + Piosafe 2 tablets each and he him self reduced the dose to half but still was having low BGL levels. So suggested to replace glynese with Metformin SR and once things settle down then drop piosafe also.

  • @Anup.

    I am a south Indian - Karnataka. will you please design a diet for me for breakfast lunch and dinner me LCHF food. mail me to

    - nagsm

  • I am not a dietician. I have given broad guidelines on many posts. Cannot design diets and send. You will have to do it yourself like others who have switched are doing.

    All i share is what works for thousands of diabetics world over. I have given broad guideline right in this post. Search your food from and design your own diet so that carbs are restricted to 100gms/day.

  • ==> High CHO intakes stimulate hepatic SAFA synthesis and conservation of dietary SAFA

    LOW CARB and HIGH FAT .... that's why ...

    When on LOW CHO FAT is Great ... even Jenny Ruhl says it, and thousands of diabetics around the world live this style ... Dr Bernstein is father of Extra LOW CARB -- 30gms/day ... :)

  • ==> We conclude that avoidance of SAFA accumulation by reducing the intake of CHO with high glycaemic index is more effective in the prevention of CVD than reducing SAFA intake per se.

    Iska matlab samajh aya? Stop reading with eyes closed :D :D

    It means REDUCE CARB INTAKE ... as it is better in prevention of CVD as compared to reducing SAFA ...


    Body ki BELLY BELLY



    BELLY is not equal to BALLAY :D :D ... that's what you are trying to INCORRECTLY prove when you say lipogenesis is same as eating fat ...

    So try harder next time :)

  • In 1955, researchers from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, wanted to see if the liver’s capacity for lipogenesis (fat-making) was different from the capacity of adipose tissue. They concluded: “Feeding a high-carbohydrate diet stimulated lipogenesis in adipose (fat tissue), which considerably exceeded that found in the liver. The assumption that adipose tissue is the main site of lipogenesis is supported by the observation of an unimpaired lipogenesis in animals without livers.” And, “The rate of lipogenesis from available carbohydrates seems to be regulated by the carbohydrate content of the diet.” Finally, “Fasting or feeding a high-fat diet abolished lipogenesis in adipose tissue.”

    Abolished. Wow! Stopped it altogether. A high-fat diet stops fat making, and a high-carbohydrate diet turns-on fat making. Think about this the next time you read the experts’ recommendations about the healthfulness of the high-carbohydrate diet.

    Ab Bolo ... FAT eat ingstops LIPOGENESIS :D :D

  • Please read MY REPLY to question AT diabetesindia.healthunlocke...

  • Of course eating saturated fat on low carb high fat diet doesn't cause CVD/CHD. It's the carbs that cause all the health problems.

  • Bumping this three year old thread as many completely IGNORANT about LCHF diet  claim SFA causes CVD/CHD. It's the CARBS that KILL. SFA causing CVD/CHD is a LIE spread by RIGGED research.

    Stop CONFUSING and EQUATING FAT stored due to LIPOGENESIS (From CARBS) with Dietary Fat. They aren't the same.

    The so called WORLD BODIES ignore these researches and keep spreading the same LIE over and over again to keep profits and sales of drugs growing.

    Millions of diabetics on LCHF diet wold over prove daily that Saturated fat causing CVD/CHD is a LIE. It's the HIGH CARBS that's the CULPRIT.

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