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Another LCHF enthusiast in the making

Here is the story of my experiments with LCHF which i started after reading about Anup's results with LCHF.

My fasting BS values-106 :-)


For BreakFast before the test, i had: half serving (4-5 spoons)of unstrained vegetable soup with 1 tea-spoon cream, 4 pieces of vegetable-cauliflower, onion, mushroom and paneer pakoda fried in coconut oil, half glass milk with turmeric and black pepper powder, 4 pieces of papaya, 2 pieces of apple and 1 piece of chicken too... Phew...i never ate so much in my life...still my BS is smiling...i wanted to try all the stuff that i am ordinarily eating either for BF or for dinner...

I also took supplements: Alpha lipoic acid + vit d and cal + ASTAXANTHIN

Otherwise i am on low carb or almost no carb diet...except for a piece of potato that i add to the cutlets, i do not take rice or roti!

I feel lightness in my body and now waiting for the weight loss also to start...

LCHF WORKS...very hard for diabetics..


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anup ,i am also just blindly following lchf diet after reading all your post,i think primal body primal mind by nora will help to throw more light on this subject of lchf diet.... to me anup is an eye opener


There is great relief anup...:-)


Anup, I am taking only half of the prescribed dose


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