Conventional wisdom on dieting versus unorthodox advise-whether any professional interference by medical experts possible ?

on reading several blogs i find that there is wide disagreement as to what constitutes an ideal diet for sufferers of diabetes.

While there is forceful and vehement arguement in favour of LCHFdiet based on personal experimentation on himself and his experience on use of high fat diet to manage his diabetes , there is no corresponding opinion by a few doctors and nutritionists who occasionally blog but do not support their views with opinions of indian medical assn,diabetic assn etc.,or government health organisations. on LCHF diet.and long time complications of its use

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  • No association will ever support anything that leds to less sales of DRUGS. Dr bernstien is role model for those who take their diabetes in their own hand. He ahs lambasted ADA openly so no point trying to rake up same thing and try and paint a bad picture for LCHF.

    Those who want to carry on eatiing 60% CARBS and then eat PILLS like peanuts it's their personal choice but you cannot take away freedom of LCHF practitioners to speak. ANCEL Keys spoke a lot about FAT when he cherry picked 7 out of 22 nations data and the n produced most obese nation n earth that lives on LOW FAT HIGH CARB DIET.

    Looks like you are unhappy that people are going drug free :)

    There are many around the world who led this life.

    Looks like you want everyone who goes against ADA to be arrested by LAW :)

  • Please read this:

    Lets be quantitative rather than parroting the ADA standards. So heart problems doesn't happen because of FATS :)

    It does happen when you have high sugar levels running ... And Sugar levels will always be high in case of diabetics on HIGH CARB Diet that Doctors and nutritionists recommend.

    Diabetics who go for aggressive control aim for 5% A1C club. That's next to impossible on HIGH CARB diet of ADA/Associations/nutritionists. Since that's next to impossible the limit set bis 6.5 ... see the entire connection there?


  • And one more here ...

    She is a diabetic and lives on 110gms CARBS/Day and ... a low carb high fat practitioner.

    I can quote 100's of sites like these but i know these things can never convince anyone who is brainwashed by ADA/Associations etc.

  • I do not think Mr.Rao meant to denigrate those who advocate LCHF.He has genuine doubts and expressed them.No harm in practicing anything that you believe in and none can object to that.Only others may have different view points.

  • Thanks.

    Someone here on forum who used to have PPBS in 180's now has it in 100's even after reducing dose to half so now planning to eliminate one Sulphonylurea drug to save the pancreas for longer as first step and the then second one after that if everything still remains under control. This is exactly like the case of my batchmate who went of PIOZ, JALRA M (after being on it for 8 years with bad control -- 170/180 PPBS) and now is on just 250mg METFORMIN SR and has much better control (120/130 PPBS). His mom (also a diabetic) lost 10 kg and started walking. batchmate's medicine for colitis also stopped.

    60% CARBS in diet is poison for diabetics and ADA wants you to eat so that PILLS sell --

    LCHF WORKS wonders ... so NIDDM diabetics in general have 2 options:

    Go by ADA and eat PILLS and live with poor control.

    Challenge ADA and eat NUTS and have a much lower A1C to qualify for 5% club ... all PILL LESS :)

  • Mr venkataraman

    You are right

    .I neither questioned the wisdom nor the merits/demerits of adopting LCEF as a diet by diabetics.

    I have read the articles referred by the protogonist of LCEF.These articles are by medical professionals and the implications of their conclusions are not easily comprehendable by us as diabetics who are not medical professionals.

    The detailed understanding as to how heartattacks occur and the mechanism of blood clotting,implications of LDL,HDL etc., should, in my view, be left to our doctors who are trained by education to understand these better than us.and confine ourselves to their advice and follow it with all sicerity so that we control our diabetes and live without complications...

    It was with this in mind, I wanted medical professionals to process the concept of eating LCEF diet so that we get processed advice from trained professionals rather than processing the highly technical information ourselves who are not doctors but just patients..I do not want to be a donky barking on behalf of a dog.we get beaten by the dhobi who does not presume that thieves are there but feels his sleep is disturbed.

    .Even now I have no concern for the experimentation that an engineer -diabetic does on himself but am concerned if he vehemently argues that he is correct and those who have doubts are wrong and writes his views in a public forum which can be blindly followed by people without thinking and getting into trouble

    Criticising medical professionals or medical researchers or ADA and such other institutions doing yomen service to the cause of mitigating the effect of diabetes on our health and atributing motive that they do this for money is in bad taste.and unacceptable at least to me at this age of 80 plus who has reached this age because of these professionals.

    thanks for your understanding as a mature person.


  • This engineer brain has understood what "diabetic" doctors who have written in favour of LCHF and Lambasted ADA at the same time and then took diabetes in his own hands rather than be slave to some "NEXUS".

    Dr Bernstien is 80+ living entirely opposite way what entire establishment preaches and so if i go by the same logic then i attribute my health to such professionals who have had the GUTS to LAMBAST the NEXUS.

    It's not "experiment" that I am doing ... IT'S A WRONG CHOICE OF WORD. It's a SHIFT lifestyle in full consciousness ... i am not sure what annoys you so much. if you cannot understand anything that's your problem ... not mine. Those who shift always make a judicious choice and no one is playing Pied Piper of Hamlin here ...

  • If I believe in some thing is good for all and want to advocate that concept for others to adopt.I would be careful as to what approach I will take because I believe that there are very intelligent people out there.I will be extremely careful with my language and will only share my experience and leave the matter for others to decide.And then there is the question of perspective.For example how a person of 70 or 80 looks at things will be vastly different from the perspective of 50 year old person.I am 71 and all my parameters such as BP,creatine,albumin,stress test.,ECG,kidney function,liver function,colonoscopy,BMI etc are normal.Even my blood sugar is within limits though I am trying to improve on it.That being the case,why should I make a drastic shift which may be good for all that I know. I may not adopt the new idea but I am not rejecting it either.WE should know when to leave a matter alone.

  • My stand against ADA/AMA would remain unchanged. In US if a doctor tries something different from DRUG CENTRIC Approach either he/she is put on administrative leave or even have the license revoked. This is not uncommon. There are more than 1 lac deaths in US alone due to prescription drugs if i recall the figures correctly. So let's not go gaga over what "Yomen" service the Godfather of "Crony Capitalism" are doing @ ADA/AMA/AHA/et al & Pharma Lords

    I am not forcing anyone to change.

    I have seen how it has helped people to go off medicines and be healthier.

    I am not talking on hearsay ... but have lived through this and my parameters "improved".

    As a person at 50 i want to stay away from DRUGS as far as possible because DRUGS are dangerous once hooked to ... you can come off cocaine but you cannot come off these drugs if you go by advises of called professionals who pump 60% CARBS to diabetics also under garb of "Balanced Diet".

    This is not an "EXPERIMENT" as someone -- a DOCTOR with diabetes -- has already lived through decades with much lower CARBS and has been critical of ADA. All diabetologists shy away from talking Dr Bernstein. Why? Because it defies their DRUG CENTRIC Approach.

    So it's a WILLFUL shift and based on intense reading and going through Dr Google so why should anyone take "DIRECT" a JAB at me ... that's what i hate more!!!

    For me eating for 60% of energy from CARBS and eating 10 small meals is nothing but the most STUPID proposition that could ever be made to a diabetic like me. Yes i am pretty blunt and uncompromising about statements that i make in this regard.

  • And those who are going GAGA over Yomen service of the entire "PILL PEDLAR NEXUS" ... let him research on history of FLUE Vaccines, Swine Flue Outbreak, How Swine Flue vaccines really caused a Politician made millions and how same politician was also connected with Aspartame (the crap that goes in SUGAR FREE and diet drinks) being PUSHED through FDA ... then we will know what the real modus operandi of entire mafia is and why it is heavily "DRUG CENTRIC"

    If details are needed let me know ... i wil provide few starting points to delve into another organized scam called FLUE VACCINES of which Swine Flue was latest Blockbuster earner for Pharma Lords and politicians connected with TamiFlu. Let him research into notoriety of a company called BAXTER and let him go into details of Gilead Sciences. Now every American injected for Swine flue is on verge of paralysis disorders ... same should be true for all ...

    I have said it in past i will never question a surgeon but a PILL PEDLAR i will always questions. :)

  • Mr.Anup

    I am totally agreed on you.What you think,suggest and do is ok.Everyone should follow good experience rather than annoying.Thanx

  • I hate

    "Yeda bankay peda khana" types.

    If literature/data is being shown then he says he cannot understand and just because he cannot understand he wants all should follow what doctors say. Even Dr Bernstien is a "Doctor" of his age and a Type 1 diabetic for over 6 decades ... but he fails to see that just to prove his point on view. I can link to other diabetics who are role model for all diabetics on LCHF world over.

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  • Freedom to voice one's opinion must be granted in forums like this one. Agreeing or disagreeing must be taken as a well accepted norm of gentlemen. To this extent I fully agree with Mr Anup of what he intends to preach.

    Mr Anup, I too have been a diabetic since 2009 and have tried Metformin with good results. My HbA1c is in the range of 6.5 - 7.6. I am a veg and would like to go LCHF way. Could you please give a detailed diet chart for a veg ?? I would definitely give it a try and let the members of this forum know of the results in 2-3 months time. Yes, please an LCHF diet chart for a vegetarian. I do take garlic and onion.

    my email id vijayshubh (at)

    Thanks and regards

  • Hi Vijay,

    I am diabetic since 2011 Feb. Don't know how the pills for blood sugar, hypertension and Lipids taste.

    My A1C numbers you can find in my profile.

    I panicked when it hit 6.0 once. I normally tread in the 5.0-5.6 range, ie Non Diabetic range. Every diabetic has a right to maintain non diabetic numbers. Doesn't really matter what ADA calls as safe.

  • I feel vastly encouraged !! I too desire the same numbers. Once I did hit 5.9. Today my FBS was 135 and PPBS 226 !! I have not taken any diabetic med since 24th June

  • Hi Vijay,

    I think by switching to LCHF diet you can start hitting non diabetics numbers. If you check my profile, my diabetes started with PPBS/FBS of 229/129 in feb 2011.

    I am not against drugs, but against any diet that ensures that leads to more use of drugs. Specially, I am dead against ADA's High Carb Low fat diet. There's no logic to that diet.

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