I am a diabetic for last 6 years. Initially started with 1/2 glynase 5mg. BD then after 2 years continuing with glycomet 500 OD after food

I get burning sensation often during evening (after office hours) which continues till morning. my left middle finger pains a lot in morning (am not able to bend or straighten). The position as was during sleep cannot be changed. i have to slowly bend the finger manually (with right hand) and open on its own. it takes 2 hours to get normalised. this is the reason i donot drive motor cycle in the morning. My shoulder pain is almost common for past 6 months. Initially it was there but disappeared. now it has made an entry after 4 years.

Please suggest

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  • It all indicate that your medications are wrong and insufficient. Consult a doctor immediatly as numbness indicate stoppage of blood low to the parts and may lead to amputation if they go black and rot.. Hurry up.

  • Control Blood Sugar. Are you checking at home? Checking once a month is lab is useless.

    ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 300mg BID is good for neuropathy. It is used as main line of treatment against neuropathy in Germany.

    CUT down carbs from your meals if you want to be on low or no medication. If you like to eat PILLS then you can carry on with your LOW FAT HIGH CARB diet ... i don;t eat HIGH CARB Diet :)

  • sir,

    i donot take any carb diet except rice once in a week in sunday lunch. i donot take meat or chicken, fish is rare. egg once in a week. i donot feel numbness, but iching pain in lower portion of toes. i have started brisk walking which i left two years back due to my son's study. i do not take any thing direct or indirect with sugar.

    last evening i walked for 45 minutes. shoulder paid is drastically reduced. hopefully it would get subsided in coming days. but the iching paid is a concern.

    my age is 48 years and doing managerial job with computer a major tool.

    please suggest

  • U said u don't take rice, non veg, fish,eggs etc. Kindly tell us what is your diet?

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