More than 10 days without wheat and BGL Levels

Had been living on 1 chapati a day until 10 days back when i decided to drop even that and see how numbers behave because i test at home ... there was a time that i used to test so much that i thought perhaps it is becoming an "OCD" -- Obsessive e Compulsive Disorder -- so i decided i will only test 3 times per week PPBS and once a month FBS because FBS is last to go bad for a diabetic and i had my "D" in tight control (well A1C of 5.2 gives me the right to say that it is in tight control) . To calibererate my meter even went for PPBS done in LAB and it turned out 110 against meter's reading of 136..

Then i dropped the lone chapati from daily meanu to reduce the CARB load because 1 chapati of 40gms is around 22gms CARBS which meant a lot when one is trying to go very frugal on CARB intake tryin g to restrict CARBS to 100 gms/day. I did take chapati one day on ly to find that it added 15 points to 90 minute PPBS.

Results have been great. My Average 90 min PPBS has been 130 by meter which is around 110 b y lab. 1 hour PPBS was about 155 which is around 135 by lab and 2 hr PPBS was 120 by meter which is around 105 by lab. 2 Hrs PPBS was down by 15 points for sure just by dropping that chapati ...

I would want to stay below 140 by LAB at any stage so that cellular damage is minimized and i can stay away from prescription drugs for controlling "D"

So for all practical purpose i give up wheat and that also becomes just like rice for me. Maybe once or twice i will take half a chapati when i want to cheat ... and today i shall "cheat for sure" because I turn 50 today and have to celebrate with family ...

To hell with "D" is what LCHF lifestyle has made me say .. switch to LCHF and reap benefits ... I am enjoying my "D" as it has forced me to live and eat healthy and FAT is healthy as long as CARBS are restricted below 100gms ... i intend to live without PILLS let's see how far i manage to .... 2+ years as "D" has been without pills ... :)


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53 Replies

  • Forgot to add ... lost 1.5KG weight in 10days :)

  • Anup, You have all reasons to celebrate.... :-)) And believe me, you have motivated some like me and i am also into the frnds are teasing me while enjoying the lunch pack, "meena ka khana revolution....looks like on your birthday, i will end up eating my experiments with chicken is starting...after 11 years of abstaining... :-)) let the records break for good....Live healthy and happy...

  • Thanks .. yup i hit a half century today :D

    Your friends will be envious of you when you shed some pounds in few weeks on this. Great to revive non veg. Reduces CARB load further. I think Chicken breast pieces are more fat and leg pieces are more protein so balance it accordingly. It's easier for people on non veg to Lower CARBS intake.

  • Many happy diabetes free returns of the day.

  • Thanks ... i need these blessings and wishes to stay medicine free.

    How is your BGL on LCHF? Did you start testing at home?

  • dearAnup

    I checked at random the BGL was 106 on the meter. I checked my fasting the next day it was 115 on meter.I thought there was some problem with the meter but on checking the strips I found these have expired. I will go to the lab for fasting and PP and apprise you to seek further advice.

    Further , why not LCMF ( Moderate Fat) , pls advise.

  • Less than 100gm CARBS for going high on FAT.

    4 X CARBS + 9 X FAT + 4 X Protein == Total Energy reqd.

    You cannot go more than 70 on protein. For a 2000kcal diet you there fore need 2000 - 680 = 1320 from FAT which is 146 gm fat. This is High FAT.

    If you eat more than 110gms CARB then you will have to reduce fat to as low as 30% and then you fall into what ADA wants you to eat as then you need a min of 50% energy from CARBS.

  • Can u please shows the 1500 calories per day as lchf diet for pure non vetarian people of south India If high protien is used is it raise the BP

  • That second closing bracket ")" took away the fun! :-) :-))

  • the century thing is a big high..i am celebrating the fiftieth u can believe me...:-))

    anup, thanks for the information on the body parts of chicken...will keep in mind these things...also thought will try some soup and tikka also...liver is all protein?? yes the reason for trying out on chicken is the same as u will help reduce CRAB intake.

    so u share your birthday with Sachin?! :-) one of my classmates, a banker, is also born on 24th April...but he will be 51.. :-)

  • Aren't all great people born on 24rth April :D :D

    I goofed up on leg and the breast. It's opposite. Leg has more fat than breast ... hmm am i getting old and memory failing me ... naah :D :D

  • Let all you great souls born on 24th April, live long and happy.. :-)))

    u know, when u said breast have more fat i was thinking that this fouls does not fly and so its ribs are not used so often...but it runs so the legs have all muscles developed...had already started theorizing...well....either way you know the total has to remain optimal na...

    anup, u r getting old..yes...but in love with life also no worries :-)

  • Thank you once again :)

    Good to see how obsessive you are getting with what you eat. That's the way to take control of your body where you live and not the doctor. Where there's a will there 's a way and you already have developed a will so rest gets as easy as 123 :)

  • Hope you had a wonderful time yesterday and for me.. I had chicken cutlet in which all vegetables were also added...And one more interesting thing i did... have taken up the job of house cleaning too...let us see how this is going to help me...Our age old jadu-pocha is definitely more interesting that the 20 minute walk on the thread mill...

  • Well yea it was nice ... and it ended with icecream .. son said Amul has highest FAT icecreams so he got that ... he counts fats and protiens more than i do...

    yea jhadu pochha saves money also :)

  • a 'learned' son i must Amul is the best buy?! thanks to him too...

    Anu, it does not save much money in this part of India!!! hardly 400 rupees! :) But, seriously i am looking forward to using such exercises for my benefit... :-)

  • Yes as per him it is best if one is looking for fat content in ice cream.

    Well every penny saved is good. rates are same everywhere. But yes it's calorie burner ... despite domestic help first thing wife does when she gets up is she sweeps :)

    So yesterday had dinner then mango puree with curd+cream, then later on ice cream ... tested a bit late at around 150 min and meter read 125 that's around 105 by lab ... but looks like few veterans here aren't happy with my stance on LCHF and want medical community to intervene :) :)

  • WOW!!! ---for your values

    WOWWW!! for your wife

    WOW!!! for the treat...

    I am sure some of us would be sooner or later getting into this...LCHF. For the first time in my life i am cooking special food for myself...because raju wants rice for dinner and roti for lunch. His break fast is the LCHF style...i am just praying he will get also into this troupe...

  • Count your proteins too.

    During the last 10 days of wheat less life, one day i ha d chicken and 1 chapati for checking. The 2 Hr PPBS by meter went up to 156 (135 by lab) which normally used to be 130 (110 by lab)

    So count your proteins too ...

    Best is as they say EAT TO YOUR METER ...

  • anup ji .... HBD....... enjoy ur day..... i need to know 1 things, i am already underweight , so i dont want to loose weight infact want to gain 3-5 kg , i am 36 yrs , wt 57 kg , having diabetics for the last 12 yrs on high dose of medicines , regular gym plus walk and diet control , i want to switch to low carb high fat but dont want to loose wt , kindly suggest

  • Thanks a lot.

    What medicines are you taking and what do you eat?

  • Dear Mr. Anup, As advised am trying to follow LCHF food routne. I have left rice altogether. But living on one chapati a day or without any one , I wonder what to include in food. Can you suggest a breakup of meal content. I am a non-veg and diabetic wth HbA1C 7.5 I take Amaryl 1 mg in the morning

  • You can include lots of vegetables.

    You can include lots of Veg SOUP with butter and milk cream

    You can include nuts (peanuts+almond+walnuts) for snacking

    You can include eggs/omlette for breakfast

    You can include chicken and fish. Avoid red meat.

    You can include one fruit serving like 1 apple or 200 grams papaya.

    You can include all green veg.

    You can include butter, paneer, curd, cheese.

    You can include pakoraas (egg pakora, onion pakora, paneer pakora, baingan pakora etc etc) for snacks and also filling. Use coconout oil for frying.

    basically you have to innovate with your meals and being a non vegetarian it makes it a bit easier but don't overdo on non veg also as you will need to count your total protein intake also.

    A small serving of fruit i considere betetr than eating a chapati if i count carb for carb. having a nice preparation of traditional "raita" i find more pleasing and filling.

  • thanks anup for replying , i take januvia 100 mg + euglim 4 mg in the morning before Bf and glycomet 1000 mg after Bf , in the eveing i am taking euglim 2mg before dinner and glycomet 1000 + 500 mg after dinner.

    My diet is morning milk (coffee ) with 1 or 2 biscuts , 5-7 almonds , then gym for 50 min, Bf : 3 slices of whole wheat /brown bread stuffed with vegetables or egg , tea around 11:30 with sugar , lunch : 2:00 pm 3 chappits vegetable ,salad ,curd , eveing : milk with sprouts or panner , then fruits around 7 pm , half an hour walk in the eveing , then dinner : 2.5 chappits with dal and vegetable.

    I used to have 3 chappits at night , but then couldnt control my sugar FF , so started with eveing walks and reduced with chappits to 2.5 , My sgar Lvls r FF 110, anf PPfs is 130 , but i am lost around 3-4 kg of weight in the last 3-5 months ,. I want to go for the Low carb high fat diet but dont want to loose weight.

  • Sir you diet is badly CARB overloaded and no wonder you are being given januvia the lethal drug that opens you up to risks of cancer as it is a DPP4 inhibitor drug. Euglim is beating your pancreas to produce more insulin .... if you ask me your doctor is an idiot. Sorry for this language but i really cannot stand such doctors who first PUSH 240gms carb down your throat and then push deadly cocktail of DRUGS down your throat and then charge heft consultancy fees.

    To compute:

    6 Chapatis == 240gms (avg Indian chapati made in indian kitchen by an Indian housewife weighs around 40gms ... i have done lot of random sampling in two houses and found this figure to be true).

    240gms is around 132 gms CARBS ...

    3 slices of bread is another 45gms carb

    Add another 40-60 gms from veg/daal curd etc etc and you are on a typical "ADA diet" of 240+ gms CARBS/day which is BIG NON SENSE as far as a DIABETIC is concerned.

    Now on to weight loss:

    (1) you could be eating less than you burn

    (2) you could have antibodies that are drivin g you towards a type 1

    (3) some other medical issues.

    So where do we begin?


    (1) Cut the biscuits out completely.

    (2) Cut the brown bread out completely. 2 egg omlete with a heavy padding of veg / tomatoe/onion and lots of butter and cheese. 1 small cup milk boiled with turmeric.

    (3) Days you don;lt take egg take a heavy preparation of hot veg soup with loads of cream and butter. Non strained hot veg soup with no starch added. Should be mainly palak, tomatoe, onion, garlic,ginger max 1 carot, cauliflower, cabbage etc all boiled and prepared in to nice loaded veg soup.



    Cut 2 chapati and substitute with lots of dry veg preparation. Nice load of raita made with full fat milk curd which is a day old.



    Same as lunch

    Bring in NUTS in your life fdopr snacking if you feel hungry.

    Peanuts+almond+walnuts+pine nut.

    restrict nuts to 100gms/day

    No cashew nut at all.



    Apple and papaya.

    VEG Not To eat:



    Restrict quite a bit


    carrot, beets



    peas, rajma chick peas etc

    Non Veg:


    Chicken and fish

    Eggs ... preferred that it is omlette with padding f veg etc as noted above.

    What happens to medicines:


    Buy a meter

    For a week you change only on breakfast and check your PPBS post breakfast. If they do fall low you will need to get off that sulphi nylurea -- euglim first thing as that will save your PANCREAS from being beaten to death.

    Then watch lunch PPBS for week and adjust medicines over next one week.

    Then watch dinner ppbs and FBS and adjust over net one week.

    STEP 1 would be to eliminate euglim.

    STEP 2 would be to go off JANUVIA and switch to Metformin SR

    STEP 3 would be to evben go off MF

    You will have to do lot of testing as you change because BGL level will drop as you will be eating less carbs.

    What happens to your weight:


    Initially you still may have watere weight loss as your glycogen stores empty.

    Then once you have settled with the lesser carbs and switched to higher fat meals and medicnes are also less you can then compute how much you eat and how much you burn/. Your walks and gymn can be cut down.

    To let you know ... after dropping that lone chapati that i used to take .. my walks have reduced to 1.6km/day. I have to preserve my joints also as cannot be mindlessly walking 6 km/day just t cover high CARB diet :)

  • tea and coffe r without sugar ( no sugar free also )

  • Yes i could know that ... no sane dia betic would ever be taking sugar in tea regularly ... :)

  • Thanks a lot anup , will start with a few things and then gradually increase with the low carb high fat ........... thanks a lot for all the efforts.......

  • You are welcome. Keep us posted as your numbers improve and motivate other diabetics to LCHF lifestyle.

  • Dear Anupji,

    Many many returns of the day.



  • Thanks.

    How is your sugar level on LCHF?

  • As I live in north India we enjoy six seasons, broadly 3 temp.jones, Summer - 40-45 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 600-800 is sufficient as per activity & age ; For Winter - 4 to 10 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 1200 - 1600 as per activity, age & working conditions; And in Autumn & Rainy Season 20 - 35 Deg C the energy requirement will be 800-1200 Kcal.

    Please decide & suggest LCHF Vegetarian Diet accordingly. in which we get complete minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein , ALA, Omega -3 , Carb, Fat etc.

  • My bs levels are ok. I didn't check in last two days but if it increases I come to know by my body reactions. One bad thing about LCHF is that walk does not seems a top priority as bs is in control even without walking.

  • Well, preserve your joints ... this is advantageous :)

    but do walk .. i have cut down my walk to 1.6km/day now.

    Complacency is bad .. so please do walk. I go for a walk an hour before dinner ... come back have a bath and then have dinner ...

  • Sure Anupji, Thanks.

  • Hi anup, A very happy BD, I enjoy your write-ups. These certainly are sensible & within safe parameters (with your facts & figures) for any one willing to give it a try. Thanks, keep sharing your healthy style...I have started enjoying my DB.. as you like to put it ! Hope you have a gr8 BD (24th April) year after year:....! Blessings.

  • Hi medfree, Thanks. Have been following your easy to understand/follow write-ups too. Have started on LCHF diet just a few days back. The fatigue's gone...feel more energetic. Haven't yet accomplished worth mentioning BG levels as yet (am on BSF 220 & BSPP is arround the same i.e 220-230). But from anup's article, I figured I need to cut on my 80gmsx2 heavily refine oil fried 'parathas' @ b'fast, to cut on latent carbs therein (say 160 gms vide anup's calculations). Have to cut on 6x teaspoons of sugar in 6xcups of tea a day & mithai now & then. I don't walk/don't exercise. Age 64, medium built,wt.95kg, obese, ht 174cm(5' 7''). Thanks again to you & anup for keeping the forum 'alive' with healthy discussions. LOL & Blessings !!

  • Hi medfree, forgot to add. I'm on 75/25 insulin 20/16 units daily & 'sitagliptin' one tablet daily. Metformin gave me joint pains in hips & knees, so my Doc changed it to sitagliptin. Does metformin give joint pains to any one else here ?? Please do let me know, as my Doc was not convinced that MF caused me joint pains.Blessings to all.

  • Hi medfree, yeah, thanks again.Will follow accordingly & let you know. I'm a non-veg & am already on 2egg well fried omlete with cottage cheese & veggys & dollop of amul butter. Will go for blk coffee with tsp of coconut oil. Will refined soya oil do ? Blessings.

  • Hi medfree,yes will keep tabs on 'hypo'. Will add 300mg Alpha Lipoic Acid OID and a MV supradyn. Will the chemist shops have ALA & MV supradyn ?

  • Thanks medfree. Apart from "Cold Pressed" Coconut Oil,are any other oils equally good ? In punjab we mostly use 'sarson' (mustard oil - cold pressed i.e 'kachhi ghani'). Blessings.

  • Hi medfree, thanks for all the gin. Appreciate your +ve ,prompt,& active contribution. Blessings.

  • Helloo Anup, it's good u r managing ur diabetes very well,plz, tell me u don't take any wheat at all !!! Then do u take rice.?can u plz. Tell about ur daily diet? Means one can't take chicken daily!! Can we take dal & vegetables?no roti at all?plz. Clarify it would be a great help

  • Is jhou n emmer two different grains ?where in Delhi one can find emmer

  • Is your home meter a pre 2012? (A1C testing ref was changed in 2011 effective 20912?)

  • Some doctors say if you keep it below 5.6% for two months, you have reversed it!

  • Technically Yes (if not taking any drugs for sugar control) but

    reversal =/= cure.

  • As I live in north India we enjoy six seasons, broadly 3 temp.jones, Summer - 40-45 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 600-800 is sufficient as per activity & age ; For Winter - 4 to 10 deg C, the Kcal intake will be 1200 - 1600 as per activity, age & working conditions; And in Autumn & Rainy Season 20 - 35 Deg C the energy requirement will be 800-1200 Kcal.

    Please decide & suggest LCHF Vegetarian Diet accordingly. in which we get complete minerals, vitamins, fiber, protein , ALA, Omega -3 , Carb, Fat etc.

  • Hi,

    I am a non veg woman, 60 from Kerala. I have been diabetic for 10 years. Presently on 16/10 units of Lantus.

    Does LCHF take care of lipid profile?

    I have replaced wheat with emmer wheat and have 2/3 cup puttu with emmer in the morning, 1/3 cup Chama ( millet) rice with veg & chicken etc for lunch and one chapathi with a lime sized ball of emmer wheat at night with one egg or veg. I started emmer only 2 days back and already my PPBS is down. I have also started the exercises of Dr. Prasad ( sweet cure for diabetes) available on youtube.

    I too find that ice cream and chocolates in moderation does not boost BS like carbs such as Chamba Rice, Maida and wheat. But does LCHF permit icecream? It has sugar.

  • Yes LCHF does improve LIPID profile if adhered to. More on LCHF here --

  • Depending on carb count, you can hope to reduce insulin on LCHF, if your current carb count is in the range of high carb low fat diet. -- a broken diet that ADA promotes. Here's one case, 30 years diabetes history and could reduce 20 units insulin in less than 3 days just by switching to LCHF -

  • Thank you, but what is this Dlife? There is no details about who maintains it.

    I will read up.

  • @MRA13 -

    Diabetics maintain the site and diabetics successfully living on LCHF are only there sharing their experiences and helping each other.

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