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Are Diabetes and Hypertension really incurable?

That the question i pose,is a sound medical argument is indeed a most disturbing and sad one. The present alternatives are merely an excuse to make money off of the victims as they buy expensive limited time to live in a most unsatisfactory and unfulfilling way.

I know a much better alternative-cheap too with astonishing results. Not magic,not false promises but my very own father is a living testament to this.You may reach me for more information.

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i will definitely send to you shortly.




I am real shocked when I see details that speak about diabetes disease Curing. My Mother is now suffering for more than ten years; she is now getting one syringe daily. Can I please have more information about any possibility of getting rid of this disease?

The information should contain where the treatment is available & The cost of treatment



Email: yngajilo008@yahoo.co.uk

Mobile: +255754 946 894


I'm sure you'd love more than anything to see your mom in good health and i wouldn't mind sharing a product which worked for my family with you.

I am a med student however i deferred my course for a year and a half now. Treatment is dispensed only in strict accordance to my directions just as my own father adhered and this only after you receive the product. Information on receiving the product would completely depend on you and your willingness to help your mom-the product is prepared where I am-i doubt you can find it's kind at your place. you can reach me on collins_mills@yahoo.com(i have little to come online recently so you can reach me on +233541430735)


Dear Collins,

I am a victim of this deadly disease, plse tell me how I can acess the medicine my address is wagabasimple@yahoo.com



My son is 7years old and has to get tewo insulin injection per day, please how can i get in touch with you.


This is very sad! i saw what diabetes did to my father and i can only imagine what it would do to a young child and even more how the parents would cope with this difficult and terrible illness. you can reach me at my email-collins_mills@yahoo.com or call me direct on +233541430735


my daughter is four years and is type one diabetic, she was diagnosed with the condition when she was two years. We are being told there is no cure. What hope do we have in regard to the cure for her?


I apologize for my delayed response. Indeed i know your predicament. It's what everyone seems to be saying-there's no cure! ...but there is! and i witnessed my own father improve from urinating every minute or so,losing weight considerably,losing strength and staying in bed all day,taking expensive insulin shots and sugar pills-which never really did anything for him-everyday to walking about healthy,strong and without a care in the world-and he's almost 70! you can reach me on collins_mills@yahoo.com

or +233541430735


Thanks for the response, which is the that we need to use for her daughter to be healed? kindly give details. You can also mail me at tobias.magak@kuehne-nagel.com


hi thanks, i will sen you an email on your given email address above



Thanks very much for the concern


i believe in god and nothing is impossible with him every knee shall bow down to his name so shall every disease ,follow the right diet and medication.


I have tablets (3 types) which can treat Type 2 Diabetes if you take it for 8 months and follow instructions (food & exercise) It cure Type 2 Diabetes totally. I am witness to more than 5 Diabetes sufferers. Though it will cost roughly £670.00 for period of 8 months to treat yourself-excluding postage. You can contact kwameduku@hotmail.co.uk 00447960182597. If your Type 2 Diabetes does not reduce to normal range of 3 - 4.3 in 8 months, all money paid will be refund. In God I trust.


Diabetes has been a big problem to many people for many years but as technology grows new means of curing diabetes have been found after along research.

if you have ever hard of an american company called BF SUMA it has now opened up branches in Africa and the first office in Africa was opened in Uganda and they have normalizing products for Diabetes and high hypertensive people and those who have responded are praising the products .

These products are ,

1- Micro2 cycle

2- consti Relax

3- pure and broken

4- Glugogone

5- Luobuma

6- Yunzhi eccene

These products all cost U$ 350 and then you also pay for DHL, EMS or FEDEX,

They will take you for one month and by the end of two weeks you will see good results

The web .www.bfsuma.com .you can check out the products or contact me .Email.ngobimoses@yahoo.com, skype.kasolejanet, tel +256-700-404071 Mob


Please advise if this a free service or you are like those you condemn trying to make money yourself?


tell me about it my address is wagabasimple@yahoo.com


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