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The burden of chronic illnesses


I recently found this article from the French newspaper Liberation which showed that more than a third of those in the survey of patients with chronic long term illnesses found the burden of their treatment unbearable. They found type 2 diabetics who spent 143 minutes a day dealing with medication, tests and other consultations. A lot of them felt that these regular treatments reminded them too often that they were ill, and that it was a burden to constantly be organising meetings with their doctors (sorry but I’m translating here…). They thought that the one thing that would help them would be better communication and having a say in their treatment. I've pasted a link to the article for people who read French.

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The Term you are searching for is called Medical Brainwashing! This is the Western Medacines favorite method to create repeat Victim's.

It is based upon the "Plecibo Effect". Now the Placebo Effect is more successful than any Doctor! Fifty Percent of the time properly administered it will "Cure" 50 people out of 100.

No Doctor can claim such positive results across the board against various problems.

Sure obvious problems receive obvious cures. Broken Bones are an example of such.

The Medical community knows all to well that if they inform you 10 times that you are sick, you will be sick.

The sad fact is this, some people have a Mental Need to be sick. They wear their disease like a "Right of Passage". These people cannot be cured except thru Spiritual Means.

When someone try's to Brain Wash you, pour their Dirty Laundry Water back on them.


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I posted this out of a genuine wish to share rather than to be hectored by you.

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