Anxiety Depression

Yes all the time, I get stressed a lot, and depressed, and I am on antidepressants, work doesn't help at times, also always in pain with my hand, I have problems with my weight and tried to loose it on my own I can't find a diet that suits me, I have tried no end but never seam to last long.

also always tired so never go to the gym, swimming or bike riding like I used to, just got no energy to do anything just lately

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  • T2 diabetic?

  • yes

  • Have a look at these two sites and see if anything chimes:

  • Have you thought to get a complete count of your nutritional deficiencies? I was in a similar situation and later on was diagnosed with mineral, trace-mineral and B12 deficiency. Seems it is common by doctors just to describe anti-depressants and painkillers and not to pay attention to underlying problems to correct the root problem, which might be your diet.

    Get well :)

  • yes , Deficiencies of minerals , vitamins ,and amino acids cause depression. With out checking for those deficiencies if drugs prescribed are taken one would end up with serious side effects . Imbalnces in neurotransmiters also cause depression .So first get tested for these deficiencies and imbalances . But with out going for the tests you can try taking food rich in nutrients .Foods rich in iodine , potassium , Zinc ,chromium may help you to come out and go for a walk to get vitamin D . An exposure to sunlight for atleast 15 minutes give ample vitamin d .