controlling diabetes and sugar

Hi, I'm diabetic and struggle to control my sugar, the consultant at the hospital put me on some pill, and to get rid of sugar from my body, however this causes me to get thrush on my penis, it causes my foreskin to become cracked, red and very sore, it is also difficult to pull the foreskin back when erect and placid.

The doctor gave me some cream to use but this doesn't seam to help, I clean my penis with wipes after I pee this also doesn't help, was wondering if it was better to spot the pills and see how it goes, its got to better than this.

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  • Urinary health depends upon the proper balance of beneficial bacteria. You can clean too much and destroy that balance. Just shower normally and don't use soap or wipes. Dust around with this or equivalent to restore the balance:

  • The wipes may add to the problem. Control your carbs to normalise your blood glucose

  • I had the same problem cut out the carbs and ask the doc for some timodine cream but cut out the sugar as much as you can good luck and take care

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