Fatty Liver (NonalcoholicFatty Liver Disease, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis)

Fatty Liver (NonalcoholicFatty Liver Disease, Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis)

•Medical Author: Jay W. Marks, MD

•Medical Editor: Bhupinder Anand, MD

•The cause of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is complex and not completely understood. The most important factors appear to be the presence of obesity and diabetes. It used to be thought that obesity was nothing more than the simple accumulation of fat in the body. Fat tissues were thought to be inert, that is, they served as simply storage sites for fat and had little activity or interactions with other tissues. We now know that fat tissue is very active metabolically and has interactions and effects on tissues throughout the body. When large amounts of fat are present as they are in obesity, the fat becomes metabolically active (actually inflamed) and gives rise to the production of many hormones and proteins that are released into the blood and have effects on cells throughout the body. One of the many effects of these hormones and proteins is to promote insulin resistance in cells.

Insulin resistance is a state in which the cells of the body do not respond adequately to insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin is important because it is a major promoter ofglucose (sugar) uptake from the blood by cells. At first, the pancreas compensates for the insensitivity to insulin by making and releasing more insulin, but eventually it can no longer produce sufficient quantities of insulin and, in fact, may begin to produce decreasing amounts. At this point, not enough sugar enters cells, and it begins to accumulate in the blood, a state known as diabetes. Although sugar in the blood is present in large amounts, the insensitivity to insulin prevents the cells from receiving enough sugar. Since sugar is an important source of energy for cells and allows them to carry out their specialized functions, the lack of sugar begins to alter the way in which the cells function. In addition to releasing hormones and proteins, the fat cells also begin to release some of the fat that is being stored in them in the form of fatty acids. As a result, there is an increase in the blood levels of fatty acids. This is important because large amounts of certain types of fatty acids are toxic to cells.The release of hormones, proteins, and fatty acids from fat cells affects cells throughout the body in different ways. Liver cells, like many other cells in the body, become insulin resistant, and their metabolic processes, including their handling of fat, become altered. The liver cells increase their uptake of fatty acids from the blood where fatty acids are in abundance. Within the liver cells, the fatty acids are changed into storage fat, and the fat accumulates. At the same time, the ability of the liver to dispose of or export the accumulated fat is reduced. In addition, the liver itself continues to produce fat and to receive fat from the diet. The result is that fat accumulates to an even greater extent.

weight loss to result in a decrease in liver fat. A less than 10% decrease in weight may be enough. Vigorous exercise results in a reduction of liver fat and also may reduce the inflammation of NASH. The long-term effects of weight loss and exercise on the important development of cirrhosis and its complications are unknown. Nevertheless, at the present time, the best theoretical approach to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is weight loss and vigorous exercise. Unfortunately, only a minority of patients are able to accomplish these.



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  • medicinenet.com/fatty_liver...

    What diseases are associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?

    The diseases of the metabolic syndrome that are associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease have already been discussed. Other associations exist including

    fatty pancreas,


    colon polyps,

    elevated blood uric acid,

    vitamin D deficiency,

    polycystic ovaries, and

    obstructive sleep apnea.

    For example, half of patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease have obstructive sleep apnea, and most patients with obstructive sleep apnea have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Associations do not prove causation, and in most cases it is not clear why the associations exist--whether the associations are due to a causal relationship or they reflect an underlying common cause.

  • It has been shown in practice that a ketogenic diet will often resolve diabetic weight issues also increase the level of insulin management in type one, in many cases remove the need for medication in type 2.

    Fatty liver has also been one of those issues that also responds to the keto diet. The key with ketogenic diet is the use of the alternate energy pathway, this cut out in 90% of the users sugar and carb cravings while retaining energy levels.

    The books i advise people to read are

    New Atkins: A New You by Eric Westman

    The Cantin Diet by Elaine Cantin

    The Science of Ageing Backwards-ReGeneration-X by Elizabeth Bright & Roderick Lane (me)

  • Even getting down carbs and eliminating PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oils has also helped to get LFT numbers in range. 20% CARBS. Ketogenic diet becomes a bit tough for we Indians to follow, though I would personally like to be in ketosis.

  • Inflammation of the immune system could be the reason for NAFLD and even Nash , But I have a genuine doubt as to what could be result if excess fat is taken creating burden on the already overburdened liver in case of NAFLD OR NASH since many times they go undiagnosed in case of ordinary people .So to rule out the danger all people suffering with diabetes should be advised to go for tests .

  • Fructose is more harmful for liver very similar to alcohol

  • But I think fructose from fruits is not that harmful since fruits are packed with more nutrients which contribute to the overall health . Then again in the olden days many rishi & muni or people in spiritual path used to live entirely on fruits.Any way it is a point worth to be noted .Thank you .

  • Aston Kucher who was playing Steve Jobs in biopic jOBS, landed in hospital trying to emulate his all fruit diet for feeling what Jobs felt:


    Fructose is like Alcohol without buzz -- Dr Lustig.

    There was no testing in rishi muni days and even at independence of India avg life expectancy was barely 40 years.

  • That is again the case of excessive consumption of corn syrups and dietary fructose in take in soft drinks and processed foods .Fresh fruits consumption does not go to the extent of damage , which is like a damage due to alcoholic consumption.DR Lustig's quotation applies to US life style and dietary habits.

  • Did you read the article?

    Aston Kucher was not drinking corn syrup stuff. He was on Fruit diet. Dr Lustig's quote applies globally because that's SCIENCE.

  • One swallow does not make a summer .

  • Same old OPINION. I need some science.

  • Science does not take lopsided opinions.

  • Yes like you have stated about Lustig's statement being applicable to Americans only.

  • Americans and Americanised other people any where. My REPLY is with reference to the statement about fructose and it''s effect ----------'FRUCTOSE IS LIKE ALCOHOL ''

  • Again OPINION. No science.

  • What is science to one could be opinion to another and vice versa.

  • NOPE as long as it is backed with details it's SCIENCE globally. Merely making LOPSIDED Opinions with no data/details is OPINION globally. I have never seen you back your statements with any data. You just make a statement and your only data is RISHI/MUNI did it so it is healthy.

  • mine is highly individualised , case specific experience which can't be generalised or universalised .

  • So it is OPINION.

  • no. It is experimental research on humans and that too with those with specific problems and not on rats , or cats .

  • Then data please, as you have just been repeating the statement since long under different usernames. As long as you don't provide any data and numbers, for humans it is always OPINION.

    Meanwhile, read this


  • my messages are for those who care to go for different ideas .My field is homeopathy which has beautiful cures . My request is to homeopathic practitioners to reach out to those who are in need with out any profit motive. People who got cheated somewhere and who got biased with those bitter experiences are entitled to have their own opinions and there is no compulsion on them to go to other ideas.I need not prove my point to non believers with reports . I am not expecting either money or credit . Mine is free clinic .

  • Oh so you won't provide reports/data and when we provide data for what we do you don't believe it and then dish out just your OPINIONS against our DATA. No wonder.

    Yes people who bother about science will always stay non believers in absence of any data at least. Else, Homeopaths claim from roof top that they can cure even cancer. Ask for data and they have none. And then they call those who ask for evidence as non believers. Great way of discussing science.

  • Many of the homeopaths do it as a profession and they do not go according to the real homeopathic philosophy .Any way there is no point in any further arguments over this . For any thing to be decided as one way or other ,there are certain rules and regulations . When my point is totally and flatly refused , I can 't say any thing except to leave it at this juncture . One day when all the so called scientific opinions , ideas fail , when antibiotics fail ,when all those modern theories fall flat , world will go back in search of the wise , intelligent theories of lore as far as health and life style are concerned .

  • For a period of 4 months , I just had mangos , 4 per day without any other food except coffee . Then if you go on singing ''proof , proof , proof '' , I can't provide since it can always be refuted .

  • With all tall claims and unlimited funds at disposal , modern medicine could not cure cancers , diabetes , psoriasis , lunacy , vitiligo ,or any other psycho somatic diseases .

  • (1) That's Anecdote n=1 experiment.

    (2) Great to hear that you could survive on just 4 mangoes a day for 4 months. Defied all theory of calorie intake even for BMR.

    (3) And I thought u said no point discussing, so why follow up with these replies one after another after replying once to end the discussion?

    Or is it that you just can't resist replying to me and once I stop replying you keep posting so that I respond? I have seen this happen many times so asking.

    That cancer part we have heard from you many times in the past from different usernames. So, nothing new there.

    I will always ask for data. If you don't have them, no point wasting time by posting these things. Won;t convince me or anyone who is looking for data.

  • In fact it was just an experiment to see how one can go without carbs in the form of grains ,with out the regular food and whether fructose is really harmful.The mangoes and coffee though gave a feeling of fullness immediately after taking , most of the time the starved sensation was also present .In the absence of any exercise , with the intake of 12 tissue salts ,body was not taxed much .But still it was very difficult and I found out that it was not possible to stay with sense of satisfaction and satiety with out regular carbs , proteins , fat diet in right proportions . Thus it boils down to one thing that body needs everything according to nutritional and psychological requirements and mere caloric based in take is not sufficient for existence.It could be different with others .We can't generalise.

  • Molecular disturbances in the cells result in disease The use of inorganic cell salts cures the disease . The building up of the new cells in the place of destroyed old cells along with the elemenation of waste materials is called healthy mechanism. The important organs taking part in this operation of removal of wastes from the body are gall bladder , lungs ,kidneys urinary bladder and skin .Thus to get rid of diabetes the functioning of all these organs is very important.Sodium phosphate decomposes lactic acid in to carbon dioxide and is exchanged for Oxygen . Hence Nat phos is one of the salts recommended for the cure of diabetes .

  • Let us go on percentile basis not on numbers . A few hundreds are nothing in the world population of billions .

  • i have taken 12 Tissue salts 3 times per day along with 4 mangoes and 4 coffees per day with 8 spoons of sugar . which all would total up to 1000 cals per day .Our mangoes are from our own courtyard and organic . 4 MANGOES with four coffees are sufficient to keep me filled . This message is being posted to give the result of my experience . After the experiment I got all the tests done and it turned out that including the visceral fat every thing is with in limits . My fbs was 135.

  • I am posting my views to convey the message to all believers of alternative medicine and before giving any medicine or before putting forth any idea , I experiment that on me so as to have first hand experience . I don't have any intention of convincing any non believers .Forum is for getting information from all sources . I had to delete my account many times because of rude responses from some quarters . Then again I had to carry on my work of defending homeopathy coming under the pressure of all close people . Those of you WHO are not convinced of my stand please ignore my posts.