Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetic Association

Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetic Association

SEPT. 20, 2016

In a letter to the Editor of new York times :Mr ROBERT E. RATNER

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer,American Diabetes Association clarifies the Association,s stand Read the letter published.

Re “The Old-Fashioned Way to Treat Diabetes,” by Sarah Hallberg and Osama Hamdy (Sunday Review, Sept. 11):

The writers cite a study that recommends a daily intake of 20 grams of carbohydrates, an extremely low-carb intake for anyone. Maintaining such a diet requires excluding major food groups, including fruit, grains and starchy vegetables, and can contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

The American Diabetes Association does not recommend any specific diet for people with diabetes. The best nutrition plan for patients is one that they can realistically achieve, given their life and circumstances. The association’s nutrition therapy goals and recommendations are based on the latest scientific research, and are reviewed and updated every year within our Standards of Care.

The first-line treatment recommendation for Type 2 diabetes is built on a comprehensive medical evaluation to meet the individual needs of each patient. The foundations of care include self-management education, nutrition, counseling, physical activity, psychosocial care and possibly medication.

Diabetes is a complex and lifelong disease that requires personalized care from an integrated team of multiple medical providers, and the care plan will evolve throughout each patient’s lifetime as his or her health changes and additional needs emerge.

The American Diabetes Association recommends metabolic surgeryonly as an option for some patients who meet specific medical criteria, including patients with severe obesity.


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  • And yet, people follow Sarah Hallberg.

    And, obviously ADA feels rattled when people fix their diet to get normal blood sugars with least dependence on drugs. I can show you 100's of Indian diabetic cases cutting down drugs by 80% and yet start achieving far better than those who live by ADA guidelines. And not just for few months, but years and years together. To say one diet is difficult -- ask those who live by it. They will tell you it's not difficult for them.

    ADA doesn't even talk about looking at fasting Insulin as part of initial investigation.

  • Diabetes is caused not by sugar but by excess sugar .Any thing in excess leads to some i imbalance in the system . @ragivrao , thank you for the post .Each individual need is different as far as the cure is concerned and no blanket rule whether it is diet or medicine gives satisfactory result.

  • There are many factors which are responsible for the onset of diabetes .Food pollution , air pollution , environmental pollution , alcohol consumption , high fat junk diet ,smoking ,infections, radiation , stress , infections , nutrient deficiencies all because of free radical damage. Oxidation takes place when oxygen molecules interact with living tissues causing free radical'sdamage .Literally all diseases are caused by the free radical damage .Thus cancer , diabetes heart diseases , Artheritis and many autoimmune diseases are caused by free radical damage.fREE radicals destroy cell membranes and body proteins .Antioxidents slow down the free radical damage .Luckily many natural foods like amla , oranges cinnamon , extracts of barks of Mangifera indica , ficus religiosa ,BILWA , Grape fruit help in scavenging the free radicals. They help the body's immune system to respond to inflammations ,allergies , infections etc.Anti oxidants from fruits , vegetables have protective nutrients which stop the destruction to cells and tissues.Apmk --adenosine monophosphate protein kinase is an engyme in liver which controls glucose metabolism . It is responsible for controlling the body weight , cholestr ol, triglycerides and fat deposits .It regulates cellulor energy .wHEN free radicals are controlled problems of premature aging , circullatory disorders , liver cirrhosis , arteriosclerosis ,diabetes , etc all automatically resolved . Circulation gets improved , arteries and veins get strengthened , inflammation is arrested , bp becomes normal , glucoma and cataract . , STROKE , etc all get thrown away by antioxidants available in fruits and dark green vegetables . So the cultivation of organic fruits , vegetables , greens should take place on war footing .It may not be possible to undertake extensive cultivation by investing in lands and indulging in agricultural operations . But we can have small kitchen gardens ,where day to day needs of vegetables and greens can be met . Even for fruits , we can go for community forming . The other medicinal barks can be acquired from road side big trees like ficus religiosa , aswattha , neem , amalaki , mango , sage , banian etc .It is always better to get a handful of leaves or small pieces of bark and make the potions or poulties in the house instead of buying in the pharmacies , where quality is not assured but compromised.

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