Technologies Impacting the Future of the Healthcare Sector

Technologies Impacting the Future of the Healthcare Sector

MAY 23, 2016, 15:01 ET

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Technologies Impacting the Future of the Healthcare Sector : Evaluating the Role of Disruptive Technologies in Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare


NEW YORK, May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Technological advancements are disrupting the healthcare industry. There is an increasing trend toward personalized and precise medical treatments, such as personalized genomics, which provide outputs at a much lower cost and at a faster speed than has ever been possible. Precision medicine has also driven the development of targeted drug delivery, which improves the efficacy of drugs, while reducing side effects. The increasing occurrence of auto-immune disorders has spurred research interest in microbiome therapies, which focus on using the body's own microbiota as a defense against pathogens.

Another hot technology area revolutionizing neuroscience is optogenetics, which attempts to rewire the brain through the use of optics and genetics. The success of optogenetics in vision recovery has provided an impetus for funding in this space. The rising incidence of chronic and lifestyle disorders, along with the difficulty of finding donors, has led to research in printing live tissue, currently used in pharma for toxicology testing. Long-term R&D in this space is geared toward the development of 3D printed organs, which truly represent the next frontier in healthcare advancement. However, just as technologies are disrupting healthcare, the reverse can be said to hold true. Healthcare is moving toward increased patient empowerment, leading to the development of wearables, mHealth and telemedicine.

Advances in Big Data and Cloud Computing have enabled more real-time healthcare solutions such as biosensors, leading to greater patient engagement. Digital transformation has also been key to enabling path-breaking development in genomics platforms, such as rapid genome sequencing. Organizations are moving toward new care delivery models that increasingly focus on delivering patient value, leading to redefined revenue pathways. This research service provides a deep-dive analysis into some of the most disruptive technologies, trends and business models impacting healthcare today, providing decision-makers with key insights for strategic planning.

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