How to Reverse Diabetes with ZERO Weight Loss

How to Reverse Diabetes with ZERO Weight Loss

As a society in this forum and elsewhere we have come to fear carbohydrates.

Since the 1970’s when the Atkins diet first got introduced, carbohydrates have been blamed for a host of metabolic disorders including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and insulin resistance.

This has lead many to believe that carbohydrates cause total-body inflammation, setting the stage for a host of complex metabolic disorders that can only be solved by eliminating carbohydrates from the diet.

It’s easy to believe these claims, by some of us who are not expertised either in medical science or nutrional sciene because they are always backed up by web based information communicated forcefully . resulting in people avoid eating any form of carbohydrate, whether from refined sources like bread, cereal, pasta, rice and artificial sweeteners, or from whole sources like fruits and starchy vegetables.

The words “low carb” and “no carb” are feeding the anti-carbohydrate frenzy and strengthening the stance against this alleged dietary criminal making claims that “there is no biological need for carbohydrates in your diet,” and arguing that our Paleolithic ancestors subsisted for thousands of years on diets low in carbohydrate energy or completely devoid of carbohydrate altogether. Are carbohydrates the cause of our generation’s ailing health? is widely argued and debated

Dr Cyrus khambatta, a type1 diabetic , an engineer and a nutritional bio chemist has in his own way argued on the subject which is worth reading by diabetics who at present are l not clear as to the correct way of dieting for diabetic control.

His arguments can be read in the following link

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  • There are indeed many ways to crack an egg :) Check out 'Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days' on youtube

    It still remains, though, that rates in diagnoses of diabetes has an exponential link to the rise in obesity and most diabetics do indeed need to lose weight. The issue, to my mind, is not whether it is fat or carbs that will reverse diabetes. It is that decades of government and health advice has merely perpetuated the disorder and endangered, or cut short, countless lives needlessly.

    Patients are vulnerable to the information supplied by their medical advisors. They trust that it is the best, that it is in their own interest to follow it. The trials detailed in your article indicate that it was known how to reverse diabetes close on a hundred years ago (it was actually known before insulin but that is a moot point). Why then do we have so many Type 2 diabetics on the diet they are given at diagnosis? Why were they not given advice that would see them cured in a matter of days?

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