As featured in the movie Simply Raw–Reversing Diabetes in 30 days, this program revolutionizes the treatment of diabetes. It involves:

•A 3-week onsite intensive that includes a 7-day fast, Zero Point and Concious Eating that are explained below

•1-year monthly call follow-up with a Tree of Life nurse

•1-year monthly Internet broadcast group checkin, follow up, and support with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

•3 month supply of nutritional supplements for diabetes – a $1,637.45 value!

•Fasting Pack with supplies to enhance your 7-day juice fast – a $327 value!

Based on 35 years of experience of treating diabetes naturally, this program is masterfully designed for the comprehensive healing of this chronic, degenerative syndrome in which high blood sugar is just a symptom.

Of the 110 participants who participated in this program…

•28% of IDDM Type Two Diabetics reversed their diabetes after 3 weeks with no insulin and a fasting blood sugar (FBS) of less than 100.

•60% of the NIDDM Type Two Diabetics were off all oral medications after 3 weeks with FBS less than than 100.

•100 percent of pre-diabetics healed.

Inherent in the program’s design is the understanding that true healing is a multi-faceted process that must address medical concerns in a context that fosters one’s spiritual evolution.

This includes the implementation of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle changes in addition to exercise, meditation and psycho-spiritual awareness training.

Expectations for healing and results may vary. While speedy reversal of health conditions is always desirable, it may take years of conscientious and consistent holistic lifestyle choices to build your wellness. Patience and perseverance are helpful qualities to develop along your healing journey.

“This program is a healthy alternative to the traditional allopathic route. It works best for those who love themselves enough to want to heal themselves” -Dr. Cousens


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