how to fight with diabetes

dear all

for fighting with diabetes control the diet , take diet in such quantity that after consumption you feel that you can work and not get drowsy . eat the item which is prepared in home and don't rely on fast food and food of hotel and restaurant .

walk if you are old and if you are young go for yoga asana forward bending back ward bending and twisting asana and surya namakara for 45 minutes .

any herbs which is bitter in taste will help you in controlling diabetes preferably kalmegh is better than neem in this respect because neem is recomended only in chaitra i.e. month which follow after holy festival in india .

early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise never neglect the time tabel of get up and sleep.

have control over the items prepared from maida that is biscuit,bread,cake ,do not take excess amount of sugar and salt .eat iteam which will require it to chew such as gram socked in water/roasted gram,chawal,makka etc in stead of samosa ,pizza ,and magi,pasta .

have target for more body efficiency by doing your house hold works and when you get some leisure from work leave the chair for a while and have some walk and again join the work have faith in god pray to god if not interested than feed cow,dogs birds give charity to poors do constructive work water the plan and tree it will help you to fight with diabetes (warning do not avoid monitoring the diabetes and advise of professional doctor/hakim/vaid .

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  • How many of these measures will have little direct impact on ingesting carbohydrate, that is the greatest determinant of blood glucose level? If we don't control carbohydrate intake, it will indeed become a fight with the condition.

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