Why Fried Foods Can Be Harmful

Why Fried Foods Can Be Harmful

By Fred Kummerow, Ph.D.

There are problems with deep fat fried food that affect our nutrition. These problems occur because of chemical alterations in the fat that happen as a consequence of deep fat frying food.

This frying process is as follows:

1. Food picks up oxygen from the air during frying that negatively alters thefatcomposition.

2. The foods fried in these fats pick up those altered fats.

3. These altered foods have a direct and negative influence on the nutritional value of the fat.

The changes in the fat are dependent on at least four factors:

1. The length of time it was exposed to heat—in commercial operations, the length of time a food is fried leads to how much fat is absorbed on thecookedfooditem;

2. Thetemperatureofthefat;

3. The exact composition of the fat used, such as corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil, beef tallow, or hydrogenated fat, and

4. What is being fried, e.g., chicken or fish.

The longer the frying fat is heated, the greater the changes in that fat. Feeding animals fats fried at varying lengths of time led to very differentoutcomes in the health of those animals.Read further jn


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  • I've read a lot about Fred Kummerow, as he regularly appears in Duane Graveline's blog post - (oops just spotted the link) and he's absolutely right!

    He was warning of the dangers of manmade fats, (the most egregious being trans fats - remember them - 'For Your Heart's Sake.') and has little time for 'heart healthy' seed oils, as they oxidise at relatively low temperatures. He has been mocked for his views for decades.

    The secret to frying foods? Use saturated fats such as butter, lard, ghee, dripping and especially coconut oil as they have a high smoke point, don't easily oxidise. Don't heat too high, not for too long and try not to brown the meat.

  • Good info

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