Home Made Herbal Remedy for Diabets

Dear Patients,

Use my Herbal Formula to control Diabetes, you may use it with your Allopathic Medicines, its have no any side effect, and its reduced Side effect of Allopathic Medicines.

Herbs Weight (gram)

Methidana (Fenugreek Seeds) 100 g

Halon 30 g

Kalonji 30 g

Haldi (Podwer) 30 g

Gudmar 100 g

Had-Baheda 5 - 10 g

grind all the herbs separately (Methidana may take more attempt to powder, cause of its hardnes), mix well all the herbs.

How to use:

1st Dose: Take 1 Tsp at Empty stomach in Morning, don't intake any thing till 1 hour (may take water only)

2nd Dose: 1 tsp after dinner, don't intake anything till morning dose.

my 500+ patients are using it :-)


5 Replies

  • I was about to treat this nonsense with the contempt it deserves and report it as spam.

    But I'll let it stand as one of the more egregious attempts to separate the bewildered from their money for one reason - no one here suffers from DIABETES!

  • what is Halon ? pl guide .

  • Super post..thanks for your effort to update this status...my small suggestion is try to add Indian gooseberry OR Amla in your daily food diet,,,It helps to improve the body health and also reduce the sugar level.

  • Not Gooseberry (Amla) it should be Bhoomi Amla its work for Lever infections even for Hepatitis-B, and its only treatment of Hepatitis-B

  • Please study the side effects of gudmar ! it is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

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