n a single line, favoring Low glycemic index foods is the best High blood sugar diet a person with Diabetes can follow. If you are experiencing high blood sugar levels all the time, then there might be definitely something wrong with your diet.But remember Diet alone is not responsible for High Blood sugar levels. Eliminate Animal products, Minimize intake of vegetable oils and Favor Low glycemic index foods. Come let us dig deeper into What all can you eat happily without raising your blood sugar levels.

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  • The amount of carbohydrate is the greatest determinant of blood glucose, whilst Gi is useful for preventing blood glucose spiking.

    Peanuts for example have too much omega-6 and harmful lectins.

    As for the advice to eliminate animal products, that can only be based on some misplaced ideology, since the longest lived people in the World are omnivores.

  • Veganism I guess (could be wrong as calling from top of my head) was Dr Campbell -- the lead hero -- who picked up tit bits (cherry picking) from the China study to form a case for Veganism. At the end of the day, diabetics have to worry about TOTAL CARBS ingested.

    BROWN rice would still spike harder than table sugar I guess :)

  • NEVER EVER EAT GOJI BERRIES! They lower the blood sugars too low if you are Type 1 and use insulin.

  • Aren't peanuts good for you since they have protein??

  • The protein from peanuts does not provide all of the essential amino acids, with the drawbacks stated above likely to outdo any good.

  • What cause low blood pressure? my blood pressure fluctuates from 110 to 125, my pressure ranges from 34 to 62, it has done me bad bad bad

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