Blood Sugar, Medicines and Diets

Blood Sugar, Medicines and Diets

I am 59. About a year ago my BS Fasting was 93 against 116 and PP 176 against 168 as of now. I am conscious about diet. I do Pranayam for an hour early morning. I am consulting Endocrinologist and he is suggesting to restrict on diet to control BS. My Hb1Ac is 7.2. My height is 5 Ft. 4 Inch, and Weight is 55 Kg. Please give me advise.

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  • Please provide details of your diet.

  • Morning at 05:30 I take two cups of green tea, at 09:30 I take little boiled rice, one cup dal and green vegetable. Afternoon at around 01:00 PM I take two chapati with vegetable and Dahi. In the evening at 07:30 PM I take four chapati, green vegetable and at 09:30 PM I take one glass of cow milk and 10:30 PM I go to bed and I have sound sleep. I take about four litres of water every day>

  • From your reply it is apparent that you are vegetarian. It seems that some adjustment in your diet is required. Please cut down chapaties gradually and add some desi ghee, cream, butter , cheese and paneer etc to your diet. Please mention the cooking oil.

    Please cut down on drinking water. Please go for some walking.

  • Thanks a lot for your advise. For cooking, we use sunflower oil.

  • Please do not use any refined oil. Use cooking oil which is traditionally used in your homes. Also you can add dry fruits like walnut and almonds with your tea. Not much but only 4-5 pieces each and supplement it with ground nut sos.

    By the way are you using sugar etc ?

  • I do not take sugar. I shall abide by your advise.

  • Mohanko, I am surprised that in your profile. You have mentioned gender as ' F '.

  • Thank you. I made correction in my gender column.

  • (1) Cut down on carbs and replace with good fats.

    (2) Cut out all PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oils. They are most health unfriendly. Safola, Sunflower, Canola, Soya are most useless and harmful oils.

    (3) Aim for following sugar readings

    FBS ~90

    PPBS 2 Hr ~120 max

    A1C < 5.6

    (4) Also, buy a meter and start monitoring at home regularly, if not doing it already.

    Are you from Nepal? I find someone from Nepal who has posted similar details on my forum too.

  • Yes, I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I will follow your instruction.

  • Could you please translate the ingredients contained in your diet. I am American but I have retired here in the Philippines.

  • Better continue observing your diet and your physical exercises. Your weight is ok.

  • you should maintain your health by diet,regular speed walking,and consult a homeopath for homeopathic medicines,you should take nuts and berry fruits.

  • May I ask you what is Pranayama?

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