Suitable Jobs for someone with Heart Condition?

Hello! My name is Emma, I am 21 years old and as of right now, I am currently doing my Childcare Level 6, but as the reality of actually applying for jobs starts to come into play, all that is coming into my mind is when my first College Tutor told me that Childcare just wasn't for me and I should look for a different career.

But I don't know what to apply for, I know employers don't have to hide people with pre-existing conditions, but in Childcare, I really don't see anyone actually wanting to hire someone who can't rush around, be on their feet all day, or be unable to physically chase after children/be active with them. Of course, if it were my job, I would do it, but I get breathless extremely easy and I regularly turn blue, why would someone want someone like that working with children?

So, before it's too late, do you think Childcare is really suitable for me, or does anyone know of any other jobs that I would be more comfortable in? Thank you in advance xx

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  • This isn't something at Down's Heart Group we have much experience with, as our members have Down's Syndrome, and although some of them work, their jobs are usually tailored around their mental and physical ability. You would be better getting in touch with the Somerville Foundation, which is for people like you, they would have far more info, first hand knowledge and support available. Good luck with your course and future job.