Crown Eco Capital Blog Management - Moving Beyond The Symbolism Of Earth Hour

On March 23, millions of people around the world will be asked again to mark Earth Hour by switching off their lights and non-essential appliances for an hour in symbolic support for climate change mitigation. However, the question that begs to be asked: After so many years of announcing the scientific basis for climate change, is token symbolic support the way to move forward? Or should we instead be thinking of ways to actually cut carbon emissions?

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  • Is this issue making you feel depressed? If so, you'll find wonderful support on here. March the 23rd was two weeks ago? x

  • I did wonder about that date too?? Look for support on here if you are concerned about this. x

  • I think…Earth’s destruction; ecosystem’s destruction can only be blame after human kind.

  • I think you need to join another forum & catch up with time. You've lost 2 weeks of your life somewhere? Maybe its because you switched everything off!!!!

  • That's made me smile. A lot!

  • OMG Suzie you get some weirdos about dont you lol :)