Does anyone here have experience of childhood depression?

Long story short - I have been depressed since very early childhood and am now 65. It's taken a very long time to identify the full story of my depression and to accept it. I'd be interested in hearing the experience of others and will share my own experiences if others are interested. Going through (yet another)bad patch at the moment.


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7 Replies

  • Hi, yes see my answer to your other blog. I was depressed throughout my childhood too - although my family always insisted I was a happy child my memories are of crying myself to sleep every night with teddy. I was always sitting or kneeling at the window waiting for someone, anyone, to come out into the street so that I would have someone to play with. At school during playtimes I was the child on the edge of the group watching the other kids playing and without the faintest idea of how to join in.

    Like you I go through bad patches too, I think after a breakdown that always happens but I find that sharing the feelings enables the episodes to be shorter and inbetween I feel fine and happy in life.

    Do write more!


  • Yes plaits I was depressed from a young age too though I didn't know it was depression at the time. I just lived in a complete fog and as a result can remember very little of my childhood. It also affected my ability to learn as I couldn't pay attention to anything. I never had any friends because I didn't know howto make them. The world always seemed a very scary place which was beyond my comprehension.

    Bev x

  • Hiya, I'm 13 yeah not exactly a young child but still very much one. I think I might have depression but I'm not quite sure, I have a lot o family fights and a lot of problems with a couple of horrible boys I will never forgive. I have been bullied for almost 2 straight years now about rumers that aren't true and that nearly drove me to suicide but I maneged to pull MY SELF through that rough patch with a little help from friends and my sister. But about a month and a bit ago I started self harming, I don't anymore but I fear that I will feel so low I will gain but I wanted to try and get help before it happens. I only got an account on this website today, I am still very new and unsure about what I may or may not have.


  • Hi Megan

    I've only just picked up your post and am sorry to hear about your problems. I'm no expert on self-harming, but I'm pretty sure that it's a strong indication that you are having a bad time and that you need some help. Have you managed to talk to anyone about how you are feeling? It's the first step to getting help.

    I'm glad that you looked on the internet and are thinking about how to help yourself. I find this website very helpful, because there are so many people here who have similar experience with feeling low and so they really understand. All the same, don't feel you are on your own with this in the real world - there are lots of people out there who will help you if you ask. Don't be shy about it. I don't know what your family situation is, but if you're not able to talk to your parents, or another relative, you could try the doctor or a teacher at school. Have you mentioned it to your sister - she sounds like she is very understanding.

    Although I'm 65 now, I have very strong memories of being 13, as my dad had just died and my mum sold our house and we moved to another town and I had to go to another school. I know now that I was depressed then, but at the time I just felt lonely and miserable all the time.

    Take care

  • hi megan, im 18 years old, ive suffered severe depression since i was 14. message me and i will try and help. Tayla x

  • Hiya, yeah I am going try tell my sister I think I might have it and ask her to come with me to the doctors because I don't think I can handle going by my self. Actually just about half an hour ago another one of my BIGGEST mountains I have had to climb in my life so far has just came up and right now is really really not a good time to be telling my family about it. Honestly, I don't think I can cope with this big emotional roller coaster right now, I think I just need to figure a few things out in my head first and make going to the doc's my next goal for trying to sort out this big, stressful, confusing mess in my head :'( xx

  • Really good idea to talk to your sister and ask her to go the doctor with you.Whatever it is that's going on with you right now is all the more reason to do it sooner rather than later.

    And definitely message Squit - she's probably got experience of who to talk to, who to contact, what to say. And more than anything, she most probably understands how you feel.

    Stay in touch.