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Hey everyone I was on ant and dec on Saturday night takeaway show on Saturday night my brother nominated me for an award on best kept secret. The show payed for everything flights hotel and taxis. London is an amazing place. I didn't win sadly and the holiday was to Maldives if been so depressed since I got back thinking I never win am I not good enough to win. I no I got an amazing opportunity but now I wish I never went as I can't afford nothing and this holiday would have been a dream come true


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8 Replies

  • Wow! I has it on in the background but wasn't paying any attention. Sorry I didn't see you. And of course here's the rubbish consolation: it's the taking part that counts :(

  • Which story was yours?

  • I'm Annie hillen the one I gave my mum the sandwiches her dog licked lol.. I'm so happy I Went and no my brother set me up to see me smile but I'm on a downer as I really wanted a holiday xx

  • Oh wow. Annie that's great that you had such an amazing time in London. So sorry you didn't get the holiday, but still a great experience I'm sure. Please don't think badly of yourself because you didn't win. You were selected from many many entries I'm sure to appear on the programme and that's a wonderful achievement. Take care. Sue xx

  • Thanks sue I really did have a ball and I no I was so lucky gonna think positive from now on :) xx

  • So when they called your name, were you told to pretend to look surprised? X

  • that sounds like a great time :) I think Dec has the most beautiful smile - and Robbie Williams was there too!

    does it help to know that that lady was always going to win, it was a set-up for her, but they wanted funny stories to go with it?

    your brother sounds lovely.

    you'll always be able to remember the nice time & smile :)


  • You were a winner just getting on the show and then have the experience of London, ( I was born there so a bit biased). And you are also a winner having such a lovely brother. Are you able to afford to go out for a day somewhere a bit special ??? That could be a little treat for you. Hope you can. All the best . xx

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