Why I am here, and why other people are here

You are probably here because you are having a hard time, trying to find a community that can help you feel better. Trust me, a lot of people can feel that way. Being social is one of the best cures this world has to offer against depression and mood swings, but you should not let the bad get to you.

If you know you are being insulted, there are two practical options: laugh with them, or just simply ignore them. That's what I have taught myself over the years. I have managed to understand this world, in and out, and there are multiple things I wish to share with you that could be affecting you on a day-by-day basis, but don't let the bad get to you. The most important thing you need to learn is this:

Just ask questions. Seriously, I mean it. If you have doubt in your life, if you have doubt in any situation, ask the question, the very simply question that is related to your issue, it can help you get a long way. If you made a criminal or civil offence, the best thing to do is to simply ask what you did wrong to commit that offence, and then say sorry, that you didn't know that was the case.

In some cases, this may not be the best of ways, because you have committed the offence multiple times over in the past. Yes, this is of course stupid but we all have to pay for our mistakes in some way, shape or form.

A lot of people do go to prison, and you are brainwashed by the media to think it is a bad place, because you here a lot of all the bad things going on in the world. The media is simply an example of why you are here. It sets the example that this is what is happening in the world, sometimes it's the truth, sometimes it's a lie. But regardless of what the media tells you, don't let that example run your life. The way you see things is driven merely by the examples set by the media, by your parents, by the community. But if we all set the example that working together is a great way to solve issues, then that is what we need to do.

You can say what you like about the people you know, your opinions are no different to anyone else. If your opinion is so important that it needs to be known then you should first ask you want to share your opinion before sharing it. A lot of people may start their sentence with "No offence" or "Let me just say". This is quite often used to imply the start of an opinionated statement, which makes it easier for others to listen to you, without otherwise insulting them.

Of course, more often than not, people will insult and have a harsh go at others. I have heard young girls, primarily in India, being raped and I hate that. It definitely makes me angry and if I were a part of that community, I would sentence the rapists to death. There is no right when it comes to rape, because this is so broadly defined by the law that women will use it against others so they can earn themselves compensation. This is yet a legal warfare with the world, where law is used merely to attack others, not to protect, which is primarily what the law is supposed to do.

Law protects, yes. But people abuse it, simply because they want to get their own way. Courts, however, see the law in a different way. Instead of using law as a way of protecting, they instead interpret it and apply the law in such a way to make it fair for the defendant and the victim/claimant.

I could go on and on about how Law is one of the many things that can harm your life, but Law is merely the setback for the real thing. What you have to do, as the person, is not use law to protect yourself or to use it to attack other people, instead you should yourself be the judge of the court. Don't judge by the cover, but do judge by someone's action. If someone is being mean to you, if you feel hurt in any way - don't fling yourself in the wrong direction. I might feel angry or upset inside, but the Law is not interpreted in that such way, because as soon as you do something wrong regardless of how emotional you were at the time, you will have to pay for your mistakes. Just stop and think, "why am I here?" Then ask the question, and apologise. This can get you a long way.

Now for the real nonsense - ever heard of American Government? I'm sure a lot of you know about them, and they are currently the ongoing threat that thinks they know what they're doing. I can go on and on about how much I hate American Government, but I will just say this: You do not act like an idiot in the business, and particularly the political, world. People will hate on you as soon as you make that stupid mistake of being the so-called "top of the world". As a business owner myself, I find it difficult to even think for a second just how painful it would be to be that "owner". Personally, business should be a community idea, you want to make something that you want to profit from because you have an ambition. Why do you think China has such a large economy? Because 99% of its business infrastructure is owned entirely by the community, not by a single entity.

The difference is that China is a communist-state, people think poorly for a communist state, but in reality it is so economically-friendly, that it tries to help everyone. Democracy on the other hand, while you have the ability to vote, you do not have the ability to vote for or against capitalism. I am against capitalism, for obvious reasons, and I'm sure a lot of the poor of this world feel the same way. People may say capitalism is to help earn profit, but what profit? How can you make a profit if there is only so many resources on the planet?

Profit is a scam, really. Companies start with the intention of profiting, not for the intention of making people happy, which is why we have a world like we do today. Democracy hurts the economy, simply because job markets are dependent on the larger companies. A 100% community-based business infrastructure will help the economy greater than any other form of economy. Why does India and China have such large economies? Because community-based ideas are greater than that of independent ideas created by an external entity. Sure, I would like to be the boss of my ideas, and I am regardless of whether it is community-based or not, since I have the final say on the idea as a whole, it's my idea at the end of the day and that's all that really matters.

Now how does this apply to depression, you might ask? Well, the message I'm trying to get across is to simply to show you how other parts of this world works, which I have done. You are here because you want to make a change, you want to be a part of this community because you have ideas you want to share, whether that be improving technology or something as small as looking out for people. The best thing you can give this community is yourself. You are important because you are just simply here. You are making this world a better place by sharing your idea, your view, your perspective, allowing others to see you through yourself.

And best of all - life is free. There is no up or down in life, there is no restrictions or limitations, the restrictions of life is only what you make it up to be. That is why people get stuck in the illusion that they are isolated because the media tells you so. Well let me tell you, the Law, the media, the government, they are the puppets to us. We are, as part of the growing community, the only people that can really make the change of community-based ideas happen. You are important because you are here to make a difference, you add to the strength of the people at heart, and not the capitalism of the greedy world.

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  • An interesting blog. Very busy, in parts confrontational and clearly the thoughts of a intelligent mind. Can I ask, are you on the autistic spectrum?

  • Well after only just looking it up, I am on the autistic spectrum. I suffer largely from autism and have been all my life. I mostly have large mood swings and have a repetition for angering over silly things, though I do keep a lot of my anger to myself, most of the time. However, been getting gradually worse over the course of the past few weeks, but then that's my irresistible urge to look at news articles.

  • Thought provoking blog, thanks.

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