Anyone get that Friday Feeling anymore?

I was in a depression for about 10-12 year of my life around my 30's

I used to hate how people got that Friday feeling looking forwards to the weekend and all that socialising and being merry, The days I looked forwards to were Mondays when I had to go to work and meet people not always merrily tho.

What about you if you have any which are your best days?

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  • Yes, I can relate to that. Weekends were just so hard when you don't really want to go anywhere. Back to work on Monday gives a structure to your life and something to take your mind away from your problems. But am getting better but a slow process. All the best to you.

  • Oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean. I rely very heavily on the routine and familiarity of work to keep me on the straight and narrow. I dread all that time on the weekend with too much time to think and wallow. I hate holidays even more! My Friday feeling is on a Monday when I get back to routine!

  • That great to hear you guys

    Love being on this forum and feeling "normal"

    Best wishes everyone!

  • Yep. The week usually brings routine and certainty, the weekend free time to think, reflect and uncertainty. So like you I find the weekends daunting sometimes. I'm much better with routine, even if it's not great routine (ie. work). There's also that embarrasing question from colleagues when you get back in on Monday - "did you have a nice weekend? do anything nice?" or when you leave on Friday "what you up to this weekend?". I just say, "nothing special, nice and relaxing" :-). Take care everyone. Sue xx

  • Hi all This is exactly how I feel. Today hasnt been too bad as I have been busy. I went to the gym this morning which is one way I have to cope with my depression. However I hate Sundays as I will have more free time. I get irratable with my family and get so fed up. Last Sunday I got really cross so I went for a walk (in the rain). Oh well roll on Monday.

  • Great to hear I was not alone, I have managed to move forwards with my depression, I'm sure that's the only way we are supposed to go Right?


  • It's a relief to read that I dread Fridays listening to people leaving to do family things I particularly hate bank holidays or b b q weather makes me feel so low wish I had joined this earlier relief to find people who feel like me

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