I can't seam to stop thinking of dieing

Woke up this morning with my head all over tha place again , I struggle to get myself to work only to find I nearly did some thing that I have never done before , one of the Peaple I work for had all her medication out, I realy held myself back to not take it. Do g no what stopped me but it was hard. This depression just goes on and on iv had enough I rally have cant stand it any more


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  • Hello, sorry you feel the way you do....I understand. Some days,weeks, hours are worse than others. Coping can be difficult. Although it must have been hard for you to go to work today, you did it ! Not familiar with your circumstances but if you haven't approached your Dr please do, help is available to you, I'm sending you a hug and wishing for your day to get better for you...... X

  • thankyou for the hug. im under the Dr & on a waiting list to get some help. its just some days the depression takes over.

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with such feelings at the moment. It is hard coping with depression and some days are worse than others. I really feel for you. I hope your treatment comes through soon. Do you know what it will be?


  • No I haven't got a clue like everything you have to sit back and wait in the mean time you have to struggle on then they wonder why we feel like ending life.

  • Sorry to hear your having such a tough time. Depression can be very hard but you were great to get to work while feeling so bad. Is there any one you could talk to like a friend about how your feeling. I hope you get help soon, and just try and take it day by day. I am

    sending you a big hug and a few prayers too. I hope it gets better for you soon.

    Kind regards


  • you need to see your gp, tell her how it is, it shows that the depression might be due to your medication not being enough, or need to change. Be honest, if she dont listen change your gp, untill someone listens!!

    take care,, it does and will get better,,, its about proper management.

    maybe you need a break? do some pampering, do things that make you feel better,, x

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