Crazy cat lady

Crazy cat lady

This is my beautiful boy, he is my absolute world and is the only man that I can ever rely on or wont hurt me. Unconditional love is the best kind of love.

He is a seal point siamese called Tosca and is 17 years old. I feel blessed every day I get to spend with him. He has been my life for over half of my time on this earth and I have grown up with him by my side.

When I see his picture it reminds me to put things in perspective and be thankful for the important, worthy, things in my life, which is difficult and something I struggle to do.

I encourage everyone to try and do the same x

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  • Hi Lush. Tosca is a total sweety! Yes I quite often look at my puss cat and think, well you know he seems happy, seems to have life in perspective, doesn't get stressed, doesn't get depressed. And they say we are the more intelligent species - I sometimes wonder :-). Thanks for sharing the lovely picture and your thoughts. Sue xx

  • Ha yes you have a very good point there, i think the majority of the people on this earth are less inteligent than most animals.

    When im upset I try to think, imagine if i lost him? now thats something to be upset about. i try to put whatever im upset about in perspective.

    Cats have the good life thats for sure, well those in loving homes anyway.

    No problem Sue glad you enjoyed them :)


  • Tosca is beautiful! I am a 'crazy rat lady' - 24 pet rats. They are a great comfort to me - so intelligent and loving, although their short life-span is a problem.

  • Hes beautiful, I used to breed orientals and Siamese. They are very clever talkative and very loyal. I now have a Ragdoll and an Egyptian Sphynx

    Thank you for sharing his picture.

  • Hi

    What a gorgeous pussy cat! I didn't know you were into cats, we had two Siamese and a silver Burmese but sadly they all died of old age or cat leukemia so we then got three Burmese kittens and then another three, we only wanted one more but couldn't resist so took the whole litter! Two of the six got run over (very sad) so we now have four. Have you ever had Burmese? Thay are sbolutely gorgeous, as intelligent as Siamese and soft as a teddy bear, I used to sleep with our top cat's poor on my face. Ahh.

    Hope things are sorting out a bit for you.

    Take care and speak soon,


  • Hi Sue,

    thank you so much he is such a stunner!! yeah we have 2 siamese...the other boy we have is a lilac point called willow. i absolutly love cats! funny you should mention burmese because when i finally found a place to live in london after months and months of searching, not only was i was lucky enough to be in very nice area but also....the house came with 2 burmese cats! :D needless to say i spend alot of my time (when i should be working) playing with them, as they are only one year olds compared to my old boys back home.

    Wow you took the whole litter?! that must of set you back a bit!! thats absolutly heart breaking they got run over, ours are house cats and anything like that would of destroyed me. i seen it happen once and i couldnt get out of bed for a week i was so distraught, haunts me to this day.

    I shall put a picture on of the 2 burmese i live with :)

    Thank you so much for your email btw, I have yet to reply and yet to reply to various other responces on here due to the fact I have an assignment due tomorrow that has been taking up all my time :(

    but i am going back home tomorrow for 2 weeks for easter so i will have a proper good old read then and reply back to you.

    But briefly im not sure why but i am feeling so much better about things. Hope your okay too! :)

    take care Sue, speak to you soon :)


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