Ups and downs


I just want to let you all know that I'm feeling really ok now, well right now. Last night I was really distressed but only because I was writing to someone and that provoked my feelings. Generally it's a really good time for me now. Things have picked up a bit, sunshine, snowdrops and crocuses have helped!

Hope those of you who have written on my blogs are feeling better yourselves. It is an up and down experience, depression.



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20 Replies

  • It so good to here that someone is feeling good at this time

  • Hi Sue

    Great to know you are feeling better. I have got my ADs changed & know in a few weeks time once they get into my system I will be able to start coping with my other problems. Especially my Brother. It was getting harder & harder trying to act normal around him. This new CPN is wonderful she has really gone out of her way to get me the help I need & other things.

    I'm so happy for you.

    Lots of luv

    Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie, Great to hear things are looking up for you too. Like Sue, you are a very active and supportive member of this site and it's great to hear good news from you. Take care. Love and hugs. Sue xx

  • Hi Jackie

    I'm glad you've got a supportive CPN, usually they are great as they have the direct hands on experience.

    Take care and thanks for your good wishes,


  • Hi Sue, I'm really pleased you are feeling good right now. You are such an active member on this site offering that great combination of support and practical advice, it's lovely to hear good news for you. Interesting you say about the spring flowers helping. Yes, sometimes seeing the "wow" and the beauty in simple things really helps me too. Long may your current situation continue. Love and hugs. Sue xx

  • Thanks, Suexx

  • Hi SueBeeSue thank you for your comment & support its very much appreciated. I have'nt been on in a while because of my own Depression, Fibromyalgia & family committments. I've had a bad start to the year but I know I'm going to see some light in the tunnel soon.

    Its brilliant to be able to come on here & say how you feel without being judged as we're all suffering the same battle. Sometimes we can go along fine for a while & maybe have a wee dip from time to time.

    I hope you are keeping well yourself?

    Jackie xx

  • Hi Sue,

    I am delighted you are feeling good at the moment, its a lovely feeling when that cloud drifts away and we see beauty in the little things. I love snowdrops , I feel they are so brave poking their little white caps out of the cold earth. They are a bit like us coming out of a depression. Enjoy the good feeling, you deserve it.

  • Hi, Thanks, hope you feel better too. The snowdrops are gorgeous, aren't they. It was so warm ten days ago that I was in the garden for two hours in a t-shirt! The next week it was snowing!! Mad English weather, but the sun's on its way and then we'll all be heappier.


  • Hi

    Many thanks to all of you who have responded, I feel on an emotional roller coaster at the moment but am generally much better.

    Yes, doesn't Spring help, just being able to see beauty outside and to go out into the fresh air helps. We should all begin to feel much better soon, sunshine improves the modd of most people I think.

    Take care all of you,


  • Hi Sue

    You've been a great support to me and it's so good that although you've been up and down you can still write about the positive things too.

    I hope things continue to stay 'up' for a while longer and continue to head in that direction

    Katie x x

  • Thanks Katie, they've dropped a bit again, it's very up and down at the moment, but at least there are ups too.

    I'm glad you've found my support helpful, that's always good to know.

    Take care.


  • Hi Sue,

    I just wanted to you to know you have been a rock for me too and your advice is always amazing. Thank you for always replying to me and I hope your okay. Keep strong and maybe there is hope for us all one day


  • Hi, Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm sorry I haven't got back to you, I'm feeling low again today but I do know why the ups and downs are happening, it relates to therapy, and I realise it's a particular phase. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, at the moment I'm preoccupied with something personal.

    Keep positive,


  • Hi Sue I am glad you know why you are feeling like this and you know it will pass. Self knowledge can be a great thing. You always give such amazing good advice to others. You are our rock and a positive star!

    Bev x

  • Thanks, after another lowish day I'm feeling positive again because someone just gave me a lovely reference, and now your comment has helped too. Thanks Bev.xx

  • hi sue nice to hear you are doing well. hope everything works out for you. best wishes soniaxxx

  • Hi, thanks Sonia, it's lovely to find people come back when things go well as well as when I'm down. I hope you feel reasonably ok too. Suex

  • hi still not feeling too good since my beautiful little dog died then my mum died both in december last year. i cant stop crying and feeling very depressed. i have also had a lot of suicidal thoughts so thinking of telling my gp.

  • Hi

    It's so difficult coping with loss, I'm struggling with something similar myself. You say you can't stop crying which suggests you have issues about loss from the past that are difficult for you. I wonder whether it might be helpful to see your GP and ask him to refer you to a counsellor so you talk about the meaning of the deaths for you. It would be sad to think of grief as an illness and go on meds because that wouldn't help you come to terms with the losses in the long term.

    When I'm struggling with the loss feelings I also feel suicidal, I think that's a desire to escape the pain. It's part of the process of unresolved grief, so do see your GP and talk with someone about your feelings.

    I'll be thinking of you,


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