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i have been battling depression for 25yrs had a cple of stays in physciatrict units as i have tied suicide many times had a long period of feeling well about 10yrs the went down again told dr i was contemplating suicide again and finding it hard to get rid of the thoughts his reply was cannot stop you commiting suicide i battle these feeling everyday and im proud of myself for not giving in but a least expected some support so i changed drs who changed my ads that id been on for 10yrs with no affect to trazadone now seeing physciatrst again nxt week

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  • He's right. He can't stop you. That's something you have to chose to do yourself. His job is to try and help you to stop wanting to in the first place.

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    I agree with Suzie, I'm glad the dr was able to be honest enough to tell you that there is no way of stopping someone who really wants to kill themselves. I hope the psychiatrist you are seeing next week can offer you the kind of support you need. It will help him to do that if you are able to think about what you might find helpful. What do you feel is missing from your life that makes life easier for other people and is there any way he can either provide some small amount of that himself or help you to find other ways of finding what would be helpful. What do you think might help you. Often it's a case of needing someone who is reliably there when times are, sometimes it's a need for social contact of a kind that is undemanding but is caring, Mind is a great organisation for that as the people working there tend to have their own experiences of using mental health services. Hope things go well, Suexx

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    I'v just realised that something I didn't say in my response to you is that before telling you he couldn't stop you from killing yourself the GP should have enabled you to feel that he had fully heard how you were feeling and that he was there to support you. He needed also to say what he did with sensitivity and perhaps he was under pressure and said it very bluntly, it is true but needed saying with some delicacy. Also he should have followed up with talking with you about what he could do in order to help you. It is all about sensitivity and it seems you didn't feel supported enough. I do hope the psychiatrist is supportive. Good Luck, Suexx

  • hi i agree with what you say nobody can stop anybody from commiting suicide but what i was upset about was the drs attitude as i said i battle these feelings on a daily basis and i fight with all my might i dont understand the feelings but as somebody who has attempted on many occasions i just wanted a bit of support from him my new dr is very supportive changed my meds and refered me back to a physciatrist i went to original dr because i was always told when my suicidal thoughts come to go straight to dr or a&e which is what i did and his response felt like if thats how you feel go away and do it 1 less to deal with i learnt over the may years of this illness how to spot when im dropping and how to get through the bad times and putting myself in a safe place is one of those things i learnt but just felt pushed away i will battle the feelings and not let them take me but that voice in the head wears you down at times thanks for your supported reply was much appreciated and yes do hope the physc is supportive i dont want to end up back in a unit but i dont want to end up dead either thanks dave

  • Hi, yes I agree, his attitude was not helpful towards you and was not supportive. I'm glad you can spot the changes, that's really important to be able to take care of yourself in a preventative way, good for you. Do you have contact with a CPN? Often they are the people who can offer support when it's needed, you can cope alone but know that you can contact one and they will support you until you don't need them and then leave you to it again. Usually they are very good, or maybe you've tried that already and had a bad experience? If not then the psychiatrist can refer you if you explain and ask him to. Suexx

  • no i havent got a cpn when i was dicharged from phsyc unit 20 yrs ago i had counselling for a year but also had to go to unit every day as a day patient then the system seems to have lost me i dont even know why things have got so bad it felt like i woke up one day and was back to where i was 20yrs ago i hate feeling like this i know theres more to life than wanting to die i just wished my brain would realise it i can be in a room with lots of ppl but the only voice i hear is that one in my head but as i said i will keep fighting just hope phsyciatrst can help thanks again

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    I can identify with waking up one day and feeling like you are back where you were, but you won't be, you will be much further on but just in touch with the same feelings. Do ask the psychiatrist to refer you to the CMHT as they should be able to offer you support. Often just hearing your own voice is simply that there is no one understanding what you need. I find that shifts once I feel understood. Suexxx