NHS - systems gone crazy!

I've feeling irate! Those of you who know me will know that I'm overweight, suffer from depression and have mild joint problems. I joined a gym today and because they asked about joint problems I put mild arthritis, etc on the form so they said I had to have medical clearance before I could even walk on the treadmill... Grrr. So ok I took the form to the Gp surgery who said it will cost me £35 for the GP to sign it, but first it has to go in an admin person's tray for her to process and she's not in until next Monday, then she gives it to the GP who's not in again until next Friday, then she's unlikely to sign it the same day but when she has she gives it back to the admin person which will be the following Monday, then she processes it and it will be ready for me collect 48 hours after that - so - nearly 3 weeks before I can have someone say I can walk on a treadmill and yet I walk back and forth to surgery of course and in the rest of life. Got help us with systems that have gone mad! Sorry, just needed to moan and get it off my chest.


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  • No harm in moaning and getting it off your chest . Eeek bureaucracy gone mad. To think you are trying to do something positive and hindered by them. In Wales depends on the GP but we actually can get free gym membership especially for depression. Except in my case I cannot walk, it would take two buses, and about one and a half hours just to get to the leisure centre - if I had a car - 10min drive. So one and a half hours to get there, and then return trip and one hour in the gym/swimming pool - approximately 4 hours per trip. I'd be exhausted before I got there. If I could walk, probably about 25/30mins. But I can only walk about 20 feet, so would love to go swimming. Amazed they are charging you for a simple piece of paper.

  • I didn't know people in Wales could get free gym membership! Whereabouts are you fed_up? X

  • Hi Suzie34 replied to you in private.

  • Great that you've made the choice to join a gym SHR. But how frustrating is the nonsense at your GPs? Really hope they process that faster than 3 weeks!

    Hi fed_up, Is there any chance of using a volunteer driver to help you get to the gym?

  • To update, my making a polite fuss about the long waiting time obviously worked as the form is ready 24 hours later and I can start at the gym Monday - AND my GP is looking into referring me direct to that gym so that I will be paying a very reasonable reduced rate! Thanks for your supportive comments. Sue