The new film about a boy with bipolar looks so good

An American actor has made a film based on his son who has bipolar it looks really good and I think we all can learn and link ourselves with this film. I can't wait to its out in UK I will be at cinema. Good to see mental health getting such a big platform and maybe more people with mental health issues will come forward and seek help for the better :))

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  • is it Silver Linings Playbook? I just read the director David O' Russell who spoke about his son's bi-polar disorder in an interview, then Robert De Niro broke down in tears although he didn't say much but I think he relates to it in a personal way.

  • Just wiki'd it, sounds very emotional, but suppose it would be. I don't have BP but have "knowledge" of it. Not sure I can go cinema to see it, might have to wait for the DVD ... as i'm a bawler LoL

  • Think I will bawl my eyes my out to but so good to see mental illness getting such a big stage maybe everyone can see what it's like living with it and what and daily challenges we . Does anyone no when itl be aired in UK please? :)

  • Are we talking about Silver Linings Playbook? It was out a few months ago. I saw it, fab film! amusing and heart warming, and very relatable due to the irrational thoughts we can sometimes get but can explain away, but its not quite the hard hitter you might expect from the topic.A good entertaining film, won some baftas last night too i think, i was watching it but have already forgotten! The girl from the Hunger Games is in it, shes fab. And the lucious man from the Hangover x

  • I think there might be a sudden influx of films about mental health after this one, saw a trailer in the cinema on Friday eve for one called 'Side Effects', looks great but its a thriller drama type thing (im awful at genres!) so it all goes sour I think, most definitely one for the health anxiety sufferers to avoid! x

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