Where do I go what I do nothing seams to work

Im suffering with bad depression. I fell over a year ago and fractured my spine and have bean on heavey meds for it ever since I was verey low befor it but its got real bad now iv sean my doctor but he gives me tablets for it now and again wich I think is makeing me worse my grandfather is dieibg with cancer and im verey close with him there is so much more going on but I dont no what to say or how to say it I feel like my life is passing me by and this last while back I have thought about going to sleep and not wakeing up I cant tell my girlfriend because she has a hard enuf time looking after me and working im at a dead end and I dont no what to do or how to do it.

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  • I have both anxiety and at time severe depression. Don't give up try to be positive and think about the good times / memories you have had because you can get better. Antidepressant drugs, anti anxiety drugs, CBT, having people to support or understand around you, not cutting yourself off, trying to keep busy with some planned activities everyday including ones that bring you pleasure and paying close attention to diet and supplements is what i am doing. In my case going on a diet of fresh vegetables, good protein, 3 meals a day with 2 snacks in between having seen a number of nutritionalists and a herbalist and plenty of water. Cutting out all caffeine alcohol sugars and minimising saturated fats. It's early days for me and regretfully there is no quick fix although I spent my earlier days trying to find one but you can get better that is the most important thing to hang onto. Hope this helps. You are not alone. Kind regards.

  • Thank you for your reply your doing the right thing with diet I dont drink I gave it up I nearly drank my self to death in 09 I had acute liver failure I knew what I was doing but couldnt stop it I dobt reaky no at that time I wanted to.this is the first time im my life iv spoke about this to any one. I love the gym I nearly bought one but since my back im in pain alot of time iv been waiting treatment for pain I now get real bad anxiety when I go out in public this so hard to do for me . Thank you for your reply.

  • I also was trying to do a lot of exercise as I was told exercise is good for your mood . However, I was doing too much and my adrenals and energy levels lack of appetite couldn't cope with it. (I have lost 6 stone in weight since June 12 but now I am pleased to say that my weight has almost stabilised at 15 stones). I have been advised to do 20 mins of walking 3 times a week and build up from that but I cant do it some days particularly if I am having a more anxious day and the weather is bad. I feel the cold much more than I used to. I have thought about doing tai chi classes but am not ready for this yet as I can't face potentionally a large group of new people. It is difficult but the only way is to try to face your anxiety and do whatever you can even if it means just a short walk to somewhere and back even if it is only 5-10 mins and then rest. Back on the 30 oct after shortly getting of diazepam and Prozac I went into work for a mtg with occupational health and my boss and the next day I couldn't get out of the house. It was a major shock. i went back on diaz and It took me 2 weeks before I could drive my car again and go short distances. I hope this may be of some help.

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